F. W. Franz epic talk May 11, 1975 (clip)

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  • Phizzy

    It is funny to think that Fred Franz is the last "Scholar" who produced stuff for the G.B to print. he had no formal Education in the matters he was pontificating on, was not able to read N.T Greek in any great measure, and was a very strange chap. I think he was Autistic to some degree.

    He certainly caused the org to take directions that have done it more harm than good, the Blood Doctrine and 1975 being the biggest load of dangerous crap he came out with.

    Now the Org is floundering because they have no one coming up with ideas to keep the Org seemingly going along with Big J's "Chariot", it is all now down to re-hashing old stuff, desperate things like the overlapping Generation, and stressing we are in the last minutes of the Last Days.

    Even when I was still in, I felt that real " Spiritual Food" was entirely lacking, and its got worse !

  • Listener

    The sound is very clear on your tape, about one of the best recordings, sound wise, I have heard from Fred Franz.

  • LongHairGal


    Others have also said that the JW religion is floundering because they have no one ‘special’ like FF to come up with ideas..

    Possibly. But, I wonder if the world is a little too far along in Time with so much that has happened OR has not happened for this to ‘work’ again. I don’t think anybody..even an actual miracle worker.. is going to bring the JW religion back to its heyday.

    Maybe other people are more open minded to the idea the JW religion can reform or have a revival..but I’m done with it.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I never knew where Franz was coming from until I grew up and started to read a lot of the older literature. Franz was very much a product of 19th century thinking. By reading the Studies in the Scriptures, as well as religious literature of the 1800's, I saw that he was the last of his breed, the Russellite's rooted in 1800's beliefs of dispensationalism and millenarianism. It was going out of style already when Russell picked it up in the 1870's, and was nearly unheard of by the last half of the 1900's. Yet there is still was in the WT literature, due entirely to the frozen-in-time thinking of FW Franz.

  • lastmanstanding


    Yes, I have the original tape it was recorded on, and the machine it was recorded on. It's just damn angry that some fool recorded over the rest of it. The first part in blue is Franz. Then 8 min into the tape, there is some silly circuit assembly. Then the last part in blue is the remainder of the day at the 1975 convention. Once I didgitized it, then the visual told the story.

  • lastmanstanding

    Even though there is only 8 minutes, I think this clip is good for lurkers. Especially Canucks. Everyone knows Kenneth A. Little here, and Kenneth A. Little knows everyone.

    {...right Ken?}

  • Splash

    Some more clips in the 1975 document Here

  • lastmanstanding

    Wait till you hear the drama from the 1974 Tiger Stadium convention, how in family study time they talked about the SLAUGHTER... "ten million per day" says little Johnny.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    *** Black Sheep fetches the popcorn***

    I would have heard the New Zealand version of that talk. It was probably the same transcript worldwide.

  • Phizzy

    " Maybe other people are more open minded to the idea the JW religion can reform or have a revival..but I’m done with it." LHgirl.

    I'm long done with it too ! I don't think that any creating of Doctrine along mad Freddy lines, re-interpreting old meanings of "Bible Prophecies" would have any effect on recruitment, or retention. I do think the Org will have to move with the times or wither away over the next few years. The Internet will finish them wherever it is available, unless they get a grip.

    To keep trying to maintain Control by denying Education to JW's will not wash when it will be plain that just to live a reasonable life, everyone needs some marketable skills to get a reasonably paying job. Minimum wage JW's will be rare, and of course, foolish.

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