F. W. Franz epic talk May 11, 1975 (clip)

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  • LongHairGal


    Yes, it’s true the JW religion is trying to maintain Control by denying education. But, it won’t work anymore because, as you said, everyone needs marketable skills just to get a reasonably paying job. These skills are gotten by higher education of some sort.

    The fantasy of people leisurely knocking on doors and not really being in the workforce should be long over.. This is the type of thinking from FF’s time..There were people who tried to do this by expecting handouts.. Maybe some elderly person gave them a few bucks and invited them to dinner.

    The mistake, however, was criticizing or shunning people in the congregation who were in the workforce full time.. Now, they have the balls to ask these very same people for money!..👎🏻

    I’m happily Retired and out.

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