Why does this forum tolerate Cold steele and his mormonism beliefs ? Who`s next ?

by smiddy 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • steve2

    Sorry to hear about your health, David - and to also hear about Cold Steel's efforts to proselytize, given your Jewish background. Your comments also help me better understand smiddy's concerns.

    Smiddy may know whether Cold Steel has been cautioned about his efforts to spread LDS ideology.

    If Cold Steel has been cautioned but continues to do it - especially targeting you, David - you could simply message Simon and leave it in his hands.

    Keeping taking care of your health, David and I hope you have a good outcome!

  • rebel8

    Anyone who comes on an ex-cultists' forum and evangelizes about any religion is either sick or brainwashed.

    However, I am going to agree with the 'echo chamber' comment. People do need to recover from culty beliefs and ways of thinking. Unfortunately, there is no safe place on the planet devoid of such things, so recovery has to happen while avoiding, and sometimes confronting those things.

    The forum will address it by modeling appropriate responses.

    Freedom of speech is a legal right pertaining to certain (not all) speech occurring on publicly-owned property. It does not apply here.

    ETA: I failed to read the post about anti-Semitism prior to posting the above.

  • Laika
    How long before other cult religions see this as a springboard for promoting their own religion such as
    SDA`s ,Christian Scientists , Christadelphians ,Beroean Bible students ,etc.etc.

    Personally I think a few members from those religions would make this place more interesting...

    Cold Steel has been here a few years and doesn't seem to have turned this place into a forum for proselytising yet, so I think you're safe, having said that, antisemitism should obviously not be tolerated here.

  • sparrowdown

    Look on the bright side, at least now we all know what Cold Steel's bias is and this awareness should make us impervious to his evil plot to convert us all to mormonism.

    I for one have my anti-cult protection kit and in it there's this crazy little tool called thinking.

  • LongHairGal


    I wasn't really aware that Cold Steele was a Mormon.

    It is highly unlikely I would ever again be swayed by any belief system. I consider myself to be anti-religion and my experience with the Witnesses was enough to make me run screaming from any religion. I'm done with it.

    I believe a person can have a spiritual side and not be involved with any religion.

  • WTWizard

    Once you ban discussion of one alternative religion, where do you stop? I, for one, am against the mor[m]on religion, as well as all Christi-SCAM-ity, Judaism, and Islam. When someone posts things that favor those religions, usually they just make themselves look like idiots--especially when cross-referencing is so easy.

    However, if one were not allowed to discuss the mor[m]on religion, where does it stop? Do we start imposing forms of political correctness regarding not offending someone because they wish to be cat licks? Or, not offending Muslims? What if the "offense" is enough to cause someone thinking of joining another religion or cult to cross-reference it, decide not to join, and then find out that it was as bad as the jokehovians? Or, do we only question the washtowel only to decide that it is taboo to question (either in favor of or against) another religion? Even though the mor[m]on religion is not much better than the jokehovians (it is in the same family of cults), we need to think: What if this form of political correctness been applied just one step earlier? How many of us would have still been knocking on doors for not being willing to be offended by that our religion may be wrong or that a different one might be right?

  • smiddy

    I appreciate all your feedbacks folks of my OP.,if I can clarify it ,I am not against anybody having a different point of view than mine ,CS is quite right to express his opinions here as everybody else has.

    However i just felt his never been a JW and as a practicing Mormon that was something that needed to be brought to others attention .

    Especially his constant attempts to promote mormonism in general and target one poster in particular.(with a view to convert ?)

    I suppose I could have done things differently and just pm`d Simon and he could have set me straight.

    I am certainly not against freedom of speech and if I have given that impression I apologise.


  • steve2
    Isn't Cold Steel's wife an active JW?
  • Londo111

    I don't feel threatened by his beliefs or his posts.

    I believe a calm discussion and gentle questioning that wins the day in the long run. And if a person from another cult or fundamentalist group goes off the rails, it can only be a red flag for all onlookers.

  • EverApostate

    Any Ex Cult member, who has exited the cult after much research on religions, are immune to any religious propaganda thereafter. I admire this site for free speech.

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