The Black Goat in the JW Covid-19 Report - 2020 Governing Body Update #5

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  • Oh-my-God

    Did you notice this?

    2020 Governing Body Update #5

    Why do they show the black goat in the picture?

  • Biahi


  • rh3988

    That's devil worship or some shit. They probably attend Bohemian Grove. That's where all the elites meet together to wear robes, burn effigies, and worship giant owl statues. It's some crazy shit.

  • sir82

    Yeah, I saw that and found it striking.

    They could have filmed this guy from any room and from any angle, but chose to have a giant black goat's head dominating the frame.

    I think "demon worship" is a bit over the top, but it certainly is an odd choice.

  • Magnum

    OK, at first, I thought, "well, it is Angola, so maybe they're just displaying wildlife native to the area." But, then I got to thinking "this is weird, anyway." JWs are known for analyzing pics and such for minute details, and the org has always seemed to pay meticulous attention to everything in every photo and video. I heard a female superdub comment during a Watchtower study one time about the way a person's feet were aimed in an illustration in the study article.

    The goaty thingy is extremely prominent in the frame and draws the eye and becomes the focus. The glossy black horns are so prominent against the whitish background. Weird.

  • fulano
  • tottenkopf

    It looks like an African Antelope. I don't think anything is under handed here.

  • Magnum

    I don't think there's anything underhanded, either; it's just odd to me. The thing is so prominent in the frame. I do think it's intentional as is every molecule atom in JW photos and videos. They might be trying to indicate "Oh, look this is Africa where they have unique animals. We JWs are so worldwide."

  • Diogenesister

    That’s not a goat. That’s an antelope. An Ibex or something.Good grief.🤪

  • nowwhat?

    Someone needs to watch more of the discovery channel! A goat?! Seriously?

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