The Black Goat in the JW Covid-19 Report - 2020 Governing Body Update #5

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Back when I was a member of the Watchtower Voodoo cult, there was a sister who didn't like the bother's house where the grope study was held. To get to the front door you had to pass between a pair of fancy vases on plinths which held geraniums in the summer. The vases had horned goats heads forming handle like projections at the sides and the sister, who was very narrow in outlook but took the memorial emblems, was convinced they were demonic. Yer can't please everyone!

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    There's goats and there's goats.

    Sheep and goats... and... scapegoats.

    Not all goats are bad.

    Leviticus 16:10 . .But the goat for Azazel is to be placed living before Jehovah, for the taking away of sin, that it may be sent away for Azazel into the waste land.

    1 Peter 2:24 . . .He himself bore our sins in his own body upon the stake, in order that we might be done with sins and live to righteousness. And “by his stripes you were healed. . .

    But that video is wierd.

  • Mr.Finkelstein

    The JWS religion has had a long standing rebellion against Christianity by being disloyal and disobedient to Jesus and the father.

    Having goats strewn around their offices therefore makes sense.

    They carry a goat like personalty in their teaching and doctrines not like an obedient lamb.

  • cookiemaster

    I will give you a quick rundown on what this connects to. Fake Jews which worship Moloch/Baal control the world. These deities are as far as I can tell used as representations for aspects of Satan/Lucifer. Modern Jews which have taken over Judaism for the worship of Satan have created goyim clubs (infidels) which serve their purposes. One of these is that of the Freemasons, as well as the Knights Templar, who are the original Baphomet worshipers, Skulls and Bones, Bohemian Groove, Finders Cult, NXIVM and countless others.

    Charles Taze Russell was a Freemason. His grave is a masonic pyramid, and one of the common masonic symbols is that of the pyramid with the all seeing eye on top. This symbolizes enlightenment, which is a concept that ties deeply into Satanism. Think back to the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and how Lucifer means "light bringer", thus someone who enlightens you.

    Goat like representations are also deeply tied with Satanism. Think the image of Baphomet. As someone who owns goats, I can understand why. Goats are deeply curious creatures, always seeking to find things out, but also rebellious, mischievous and sometimes destructive. Anyway, what I want to say is that I'm not surprised an organization created by a devil worshiping Freemason would prominently display a goat in their videos. They have been created as a subversion of Christianity.

  • slimboyfat

    Black goat, indeed ...

    Apart from taxonomical considerations, the room just looks small, cluttered, and disorderly to me. Is this the office of the branch overseer? He could do himself some damage on the horn sticking out, the bookshelf is half empty, and the picture looks askew.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Hi Cookimaster - just to add my bit of research to your own, I found that all/most of WT's false doctrines can be traced to Theo Sufism, aka Theosophy.

    One of the Theo Sufical leaders (I think it was Annie Besant) set up the Lucis Trust aka the Lucifer Trust.

    Also - when green issues cross the line from secular to religious - I have heard that some believe that Lucifer is the light of man's inner evolution.

    And yes WT is a subversion of Christianity. I call it a mantrap for Christians.

  • cookiemaster

    @Anna Marina

    Good research, thanks for the addition. I didn't know that and you appear to be correct. Most people aren't aware how far back and deep some religious/occult connections go.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina
    Hi again Cookiemaster - Rosicrucianism is a futher part of WT's history. Rosicrucianism possibly has its root in the ideas of Franciscan friar, Robert Bacon aka Dr Mirabilis. By 1260 there were ideas that a new age of holy spirit would come about. Progress, invention and utopia were common themes to such movements. You see these ideas in some of Watchtower's more bizarre articles such as when Joseph Rutherford said cream separators and adding machines were evidence of Christ's presence. Early sci-fi I guess.

    In the 1800s Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein based on Man bringing about horror through unhallowed arts. Percy Bysshe Shelley, the romantic poet was interested in secret societies working for the revolution and bringing about a utopian new world order. The romantic poets were much drawn to Persian Sufism.

    Lord Byron, another romantic poet greatly influenced the Decemberists.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    IN SEARCH OF CHRISTIAN FREEDOM, Ray Franz, pages 274, 275.

    I recall that when the Watch Tower Society purchased a former motion picture theatre in Queens, New York, for use as an assembly hall, the theatre had an ancient Egyptian motif throughout. Over the marquee, the front of the building had large tiles depicting various Egyptian gods and goddesses, one even carrying the CRUX ANSATA. The inside contained other items, including lotus flowers, having religious connotations in Egyptian beliefs. When the Watch Tower renovated the building all these items were left unchanged. After a few years, a friend of ours from the Dominican Republic attended a Gilead School graduation there as our guest. She was struck by the pagan symbolisms and expressed her upset to me, saying that she would not have known what the meaning of these things was had she not read of them in the Watch Tower's own publications. [52] She could not harmonize the strong, negative statements made in the publications with this apparent tolerance. I felt obliged to write President Knorr, pointing out that my concern was primarily for her (and others who might feel as she did). Knorr came down to my office and argued the matter, saying that the items were simply decorations and that, for example, he didn't think that people looking at the lotuses would attribute a sexual connotation to them. He asked if I thought we could not even make use of a Catholic translation because it might have a cross on its front. I told him that I was not hypersensitive about such things, but I thought that we had an obligation to be concerned if there is an adverse effect on others, that if we set forth a particular standard for others then people have a right to expect us to live by it ourselves. Not long afterward the tile depictions of gods and goddesses were painted over. The inside of the building remained essentially the same. More recently the Watch Tower purchased the large Bossert Hotel in Brooklyn. It has gargoyles ornamenting the outside. These, too, are viewed by the organization as inconsequential decorations, void of any serious significance. As I found true in so many cases, stringent requirements placed on Witnesses of the "rank and file" suddenly seemed capable of great relaxation when the organization's own interests were involved.


    52 See, for example the book WHAT HAS RELIGION DONE FOR

    MANKIND?, pages 106 to 119.

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