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  • joe134cd

    I’m really in two minds as to just how well or badly the JWs are doing, when everything is factored in. It’s almost coming up to my 10th anniversary from when I physically walked out of the KH ( please no need to applause. Lol) . But from my observations then, it was district conventions with empty seats. Lots of grey heads and almost devoid of any 18-30 year olds. I deeply regret having stayed for as long as I did.

  • Diogenesister

    At this stage they have to be using numbers of baptised individuals who haven't been df or DA. It's just not possible that numbers have remained at 8 million for the last, well, I don't know how many years.

    In fact someone that worked at a branch headquarters (Russian, but possibly worked in Germany, this was before the ban) stated he knew for a fact, because they'd collated figures, that the number was nearer 5 and a half million. And that must have been five years ago.

  • smiddy3

    With all of the bad publicity of late all around the world ,I can`t see how they could be expanding. And as far as those children who have been brought up in the religion with the exposure to the internet ,I can`t see many of them staying in the religion for very long. And those that do are probably living double lives to please their parents.

    I left the religion in 1993 and I know even back then ,confirmed by both my sons youth`s were then living double lives.

    Looking back over the history of the JW religion if the GB ever really did believe they were given the "truth" from God ,no way have they ever believed it themselves especially after Freddie Franz died maybe even before.

    And they have been lying about everything else ever since just to keep themselves and their wives in the lifestyle they have been accustomed to.

    Without wanting to be pedantic : The Jehovah`s Witness religion was never given approval as having the "truth" by God or Jesus, in 1919 as they claim .As an organization they didn`t exist then until the 1930`s .

    It was the International Bible Students Association ,IBSA that can rightfully claim that God-Jesus chose as dispensing "truth" and I think they are still in existence today aren`t they.

  • alanv

    To be fair to them, they have for decades shown negative figures in their annual service report. I live in the uk, and there has been almost zero growth for years now. Any growth is often because of born ins, but even that is not high considering that two thirds of them leave the religion once they are adults (pew report)

  • Biahi

    Dip, if they are still counting members as everyone who is not DF’d or DA’d as a member, they are still counting me. I haven’t attended a meeting in nearly 40 years, and haven’t identified as a dub in as many years. That’s ridiculous to count me. If that’s what they are doing, their numbers are fake.

  • jhine

    Ya'll know now that l am an Anglican. My perspective is that people who attend my church, l mean my individual church , are all there because they want to be ( odd l know 😂 ) .

    How many JWs still attend meetings because they are scared not to go , or guilted into it by family members. That doesn't count .


  • Drearyweather
    Dip, if they are still counting members as everyone who is not DF’d or DA’d as a member, they are still counting me

    Biahi, Have you reported or turned in a Field Service Report in the last 6 months? If yes, then you will be counted. If no, you are tagged as an inactive publisher and are not counted anywhere.

    In the Analysis report that is submitted every September, only those publishers are counted who have reported at least once in the last 6 months.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Ditto Dreary,

    The count of JWs is defined as the ones who are active publishers, which is in turn defined as those who have reported at least once in the previous 6 months. They have lowered the bar a bit in recent years to allow less than an hour to be reported (as little as 15 minutes, I think), but other than that the way they count has essentially stayed the same for years.

  • IWant2Leave

    There are probably 2-3 million P.I.M.O.'s like me who are reporting Field Service time, but not preaching the J.W. doctrine anymore. To keep family relationships and to keep the elders off of our backs, this is what P.I.M.O.'s are doing. Throw in about 1 million teenagers who are biding their time to leave and the number of J.W.'s drop drastically! I haven't made any type contribution now for about 2 years.

    I realized years ago that headquarters was trying to prop up the numbers when older and infirmed could report as little as 15 minutes and be counted as a publisher. Now the C.O.'s are driving home the point that building work and L.D.C. duties are counted as sacred service.

  • asp59

    The baptism for younger ones they started years ago show they are desperate. I think they lying right out about numbers. Year's ago it was they needed to build hundreds or thousands of new kingdom halls cause of growth. Short time after that, they wanted to sell thousands. In letters they send out asking for donations, they always wrote they were growing by leaps and bounds. Merging of congregations cause they we're growing so much. Incredible blessings ;-). A travelling brother held a speech and in the outline it said people were throwing themselves to get into organization. They lie abouth anything. You can never trust there numbers.

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