Mad max, star trek or super heros?

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  • Jayk

    Some say or future, is going to be like the movie Mad Max. Other say it will be like Star trek. But if the comic books are correct we're about to see the first generation of super heros and I'm convince one is Donald Trump;)

  • humbled


    Mad Max , yeah.

  • Jayk

    Can you tell me how he isn't a hero?

  • humbled

    Clue me in. Are you joking?

    Mad Max is fiction, hero in a wild film, But he put his life on the line. Pretty raw.

    You said you are convinced Trump is a super hero. You should make the case for why he is or isn’t.

    Trump has an entourage, secret service, his own jet and started out with his piggy bank full of cash. He is president. He is doing a job with a lot of help. He has time to watch TV snd play golf.

    l could be missing something here. What is he doing that is heroic?

  • Jayk
    I'm pretty sure I posted this is the joke section but let's act like I'm serious for a few seconds. Never heard of the film "Hero". But popular opinion is our future will be either Mad Max or Star Trek and we're at that fork now in our existence.. I personally hope we will start seeing real super heros emerge. I don't see x-men coming, maybe Elon Musk is working on a Iron Man suit. Batman started out as a rich kid also. Maybe if his parents didn't die he would have become a politician instead.. Back to this being a joke, no I'm not serious but
  • dropoffyourkeylee
  • punkofnice
  • Diogenesister

    None of the above. Pretty sure we'll still be monkeys who've just discovered how to throw coconuts at next doors gang of monkeys.

  • humbled

    Good morning, Jayk. Thanks for the dark humor.

    l should know better than to post when l am falling asleep.

    A fork in the road.l agree.

    Let’s see....A hero in these times would be—someone who had the power to make every man woman and child on earth stop their labors at dusk. And within a short walk gather together every evening with a stick and a potato .

    Each must help build a fire, cook their potato and talk. Start by talking about their day. And go on from there. No one left out. Ever. Each and every.

    Call the superhero “Fire Man” or “FireWoman” as the case may be. They’d be carrying a flint and steel and a bag of popcorn.

    edit: good morning, friends. Love to see you round the the fire.

  • Vidiot


    Firefly, all the way.

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