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  • fukitol

    Do Not Give Up...making donations!

    Do Not Give Up...despite this religion being an international disgrace with wholesale child abuse coverups and young mothers dying from refusing blood transfusions.

    Do Not Give Up...even though our 1914 chronology and overlapping generation creeds are laughably false doctrine that is an insult to your intelligence!

    Do Not Give Up...or Jehovah who is love will slaughter you at Armageddon along with 99% of the rest of humankind thus vindicating himself as a loving heavenly father worthy of praise.

  • blondie

    Thanks to exjw reddit user Ich3b we have advance notice of the theme (this is not a joke!)

    The theme for the 2017 Regional Convention is: "Don’t Give Up!”

    scratchme1010 2 days ago

    The theme for the 2017 Regional Convention is: "Don’t Give Up!”

    1992 called. They want their theme back.

    --------------------So far the WTS has never repeated a theme for a DA/DC/International Assembly or Convention/Regional Convention. Perhaps it is a different scripture?

  • blondie


    “Rejoice in the hope….Persevere in prayer.”—Rom. 12:12

  • darkspilver

    Hey blondie!

    1992 called. They want their theme back.

    hmmm, I think that is a cultural music reference, rather than a theocratic one


    From the 1:55 mark:

    Jesus came into this world so all men may be found
    In the soul of all humanity
    Ev'ry time I stumble on the road to Calvary
    Oh my love don't give up on me.

    In the dying embers of the midnight hour
    All these things brought me misery
    In the dying embers of the midnight hour
    Oh my love don't give up on me
    Oh my love don't give up on me
    My sweet Lord don't give up on me.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    "Don't Give Up" it is. . . my wife just got back from the meeting where they announced it.

  • Listener

    I remember the song "Don't give up" first sung by Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel in 1986. It's beautiful, haunting and very sad.

    Wiki states that it is inspired by depression era photographs showing poverty stricken Americans in dust bowl conditions and the difficult economic times in Britain under Margaret Thatcher. It states 'The verses, sung by Gabriel, describe the man's feelings of isolation and despair; the choruses, sung by Bush, offer words of hope and encouragement.'


    Here's a second version with better visuals


    If it doesn't bring a tear to your eye, I don't know what would.

    The Convention theme should really be

    Don't give up - on the Organization

    In the context of the above song it would suggest that the Organization has caused sorrow on it's followers, such as bad economic conditions causes a great deal of stress and hardship.

    The last couple of years have proved to be a really tough for the Organization. Not only with cutbacks left right and centre but also it's public exposure on it's handling of child abuse. It demonstrates how the Organization has been the root cause for hardship on many.

    There is reason to believe that 2017 is only going to be worse.

    Their theme 'Don't give up' comes across as being a last ditch effort and just doesn't cut it.

  • Phizzy

    What I like about the Theme is that they are without doubt going to shoot themselves in the foot to a great degree.

    They have to mention why many are giving up, of course don't expect any real reason to be given, like:

    " Thousands are realizing it just isn't The Truth", but they will rock the boat of those who like to believe all is perfect in the Org.

    They then need to give some positives for staying, doing more and giving more.

    Difficult that, they can only shout the same old slogans that are obviously no longer working well, i.e "Where else will you go ?" "Who else has the truth?" " The End is so close" (Puke).

    If they have no new incentive to offer, many may well decide it is time to give up.

  • bohm
    Lol, this will be the motherload of old canned illustrations...
  • Jehalapeno

    Can you imagine all the crazy videos they'll have for us to pick apart?

    Good times.

  • bohm

    "Imagine a man who is building a house for his family. First, he lay the foundation, then he build the walls, then he completes the roof and finally he works on the interior one room at a time. After many years, and after he have spent all of the family's savings, he only needs to install the dishwasher. But then suddenly he exclaims: This house will never be finished and walk away from the project. What can we learn from this illustration?"

    I predict there will be uplifting stories about brothers in communististan who endures and never gives up hope!.

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