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  • wifibandit

    Due to last years success, I will post everything related to the 2017 Regional Convention in this thread.

    To start us off...

    Thanks to exjw reddit user Ich3b we have advance notice of the theme (this is not a joke!)

    The theme for the 2017 Regional Convention is: "Don’t Give Up!”

    As always, if you have access to confidential materials you would like to leak but need to protect your identity, PM me or email me: wifibandit1 (at) gmail

  • schnell
    That theme made me LOL
  • scratchme1010
  • schnell

    @scratchme, much as I'm sure it's a variation on a previous theme, this one's pretty direct, and short... And desperate... And pleading... And stupid.

    They're coming off like a bad lover.

  • wifibandit


  • never a jw
    never a jw

    2020: We Abhor Child Abuse


    2018: STFU AND CONTRIBUTE $$$$!!!!!


  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    This theme doesn't surprise me...the WTBTS of recent:

    (1) Eliminated the District Overseer positions.

    (2) Has been closing down Branch after Branch.

    (3) Has Been selling many unproductive Kingdom Halls.

    (4) Has been laying-off Bethelite after Bethelite.

    (5) Has had far, far fewer baptisms at Circuit Assemblies and Regional Conventions.

    (6) Meeting attendance in all congregations is at an all time low.

    (7) Has been desolving low attendance congregations one after another

    (8) Sincere interest in the field ministry on the part of the rank & file is seriously difficient & unproductive.

    (9) Congregation meetings are more boring today than they've ever been.

    (10) The WTBTS's recent money grab, greed and love of money has pissed-off the masses.

    ...Any wonder why the new Rregional Convention theme is : 'Don't Give Up!'

    The flock is tiring of the GB's crappie leadership! Yay!

  • freddo

    "This is not a joke"

    Oh I do hope you're right - that is bloody hilarious!


  • fukitol

    It's a joke, c'mon.

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