GoFundMe - JW Pioneer & LDC Couple

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  • littlerockguy

    They are not the only JWs begging for money to support their "ministry"



  • sherrie11

    There are tons of them google: gofundme jehovah

    The hypocrisy. Where is their putting faith in Jehovah....or leave it up to Jehovah....

  • freddo
    2 Thess. 3 v 10
  • steve2
    freddo those of us without a Bible on hand will need you to spell out those verses. Thanks!
  • FadeToBlack
    Seems like the org should be funding them. If we were so close to the end, the org should sell everything while they can, distribute the funds to the pioneers. The GB should take the lead by rejecting their cushy tv ministry and get out in the field. What was the saying? Put your money where your mouth is...
  • Dagney
    Haha! Worth a shot I guess!

    Who wants to start a website with me? It will be an Xian-based website designed to help Xians realize the biblical reasons to put forth effort to support themselves, even if it's part time. We will call it ...... (Drum roll......)

    GOF***YOURSELF.COM ( F*** = FUND??? 😈 )

    DD 😇

  • steve2

    JWs seek funding from worldly people so they can warn worldly people that they're toast unless they warn other worldly people that they're toast unless they warn other people that they're toast and so on and on and on and on.

    Little wonder JWs have no compunction in seeking funding from worldly people to do this warning work. Everyone and everything is interconnected.

    Here is a question you will never see in the "Questions from Readers" section of the Watchtower:

    "Is it approrpiate for Christian Witnesses of Jehovah to seek funding for their ministry from funding sites on the internet?"

    If such a question did appear, you can guarantee somewhere in the convoluted reply would be reference to the individual Christian's conscience and the practise would not be scorned.

    Money, honey, from any source, talks.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    WT has constantly told pioneers, etc., that if they "reach out", Jehovah will bless their efforts. And they also need to be specific in their prayers.

    There's been plenty of stories like "Andre the pioneer needed new tires but couldn't afford them and was praying for help, but afraid he'd have to quit pioneering. After the meeting he found an envelope with enough money taped to his steering wheel. Hooray, Jehovah provided."

    Of course, Jehovah didn't really provide it. Somebody found out how much he needed and gave it to him.

    So I'm not really surprised that JWs would seek funding like this. Instead of just asking for tires, they specifically ask for thousands of dollars. And you don't have to tape money inside their car, the Internet is their steering wheel just waiting for Jehovah-money to magically appear.

  • clarity

    Wow .... they are hoping to get money from those who they consider to be the walking dead!

    I had to work full time at a difficult job and was constantly put down because of it. But who did they come to when a "poor" pioneer needed stamps or clothes or a flight home ....those who were working that's who!


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