GoFundMe - JW Pioneer & LDC Couple

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    Go fund me?? How about go get a f***ing job!


  • stephanie61092
    Okay these folks seem like they took an extra hit out off the crazy sauce. This is a little wacko even by JW standards. I've known MANY who wanted to "reach out" but waited because they had to pay off debts, loans, etc. Commencing my giant eye roll... 🙄
  • LongHairGal

    Well, what else is new? Witnesses wanting to be supported while they casually go tripping along ringing doorbells? No stress, no unpleasant employers. Everybody polite and smiling. Then go for coffee. Maybe a gathering later on...etc. Bills??? Don't worry!

    Meanwhile...anybody in the congregation who has a full-time job is called "unspiritual"....This is what I put up with when I was in the religion..and I was resolved to NEVER give a dime to these pioneers!!

    This Jehovah's Witness mentality of not working (or doing very little work)...and expecting handouts, is unrealistic and unsustainable and I'm glad I'm not around this anymore!!

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Everybody now has a GoFundMe for one reason or another.

    This GoFundMe crap gets on my last nerve.

    Just like the WTBTS, GoFundMe will never see contributions from me.


  • tiki
    To sink that low...and to seriously want to drum up cash that way...what kind of mindset is that.....unbelievable!
  • EndofMysteries
    The apostle Paul worked and didn't ask for money.
  • steve2

    Oh this is the pits:

    Appealing to people for financial support for your work - the very people you believe will be annihilated at Armaggedon - or can they "buy" special life-saving favors? And this work involves what? Spreading the jw.org message - I noticve not one message of jw.org in your appeal. Clever!

    So, Will and Theresa Brandon, you are no part of the world but go to a "worldy" funding site to solicit funds. Does it matter that potential donors aren't witnesses? or could be engaged in "worldly" lifestyles or worship in "false" churches.

    And they dress up their appealk by saying, "Jehovah will provide". If so, ask HIm!

  • steve2

    Here's a thought (I realize it is too late because it's since been taken down):

    Contact them with an offer of a substantial amount of money but tell them you are thinking about trying to restore your faith in jw.org and are hoping your donation will help and ask, "Do you have any objections to the fact that I have long doubted the organization?"

    Then wait for a reply. Hmmmm.

    Will and Theresa will be between a rock and a hard place - unless money talks?

  • maninthemiddle

    There are lots of people of all walks of faith on goFundme asking for money for mission trips. It even has a category just for that.

    I remember shaking my head about it, how much money was being raised just to spread lies to unknowing people.

  • cyberjesus
    Somebody lost $100

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