GoFundMe - JW Pioneer & LDC Couple

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  • Listener

    Jerry Jones on Youtube exposed a JW couple who were begging for money on GoFundMe. This is his Youtube


    The ad no longer exists on GoFundMe and has been cached


    The ad was up for 5 months from August 2015 and they recieved the total sum of $100 of the total $40,000 requested.

    This is from part of the ad -

    We are moving to another state to assist a small Spanish-speaking congregation. For anyone who's ever moved you know how stressful and expensive this can be. But we feel confident that our Heavenly Father is behind us and that He can touch the heart of others to assist us in practical ways!
    We are the Brandons, Will and Theresa. We have been engaged in an International Bible educational work for the past 30 years now.
    Presently we are full-time preachers known as pioneers in the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses. A pioneer spends a minimum of 70 hours a month declaring the good news of God’s kingdom.

    In addition we have the privilege of being part of the LDC - Local Design Construction so we can work as volunteers supporting disaster recovery efforts and building Kingdom Halls all over the world.

    The work is done in over 230 lands and in over 700 languages.
    Our desire is not only to continue serving in the United States but if possible, in foreign lands where the needs are greater. We are also trying to eliminate our remaining debt so that we can be free to accept whatever assignment we are qualified for in Jehovah's earthly organiztion. For this and other reasons we are seeking financial sponsors to help us in this once in a lifetime work based on Matthew 24:14 “And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”
    Your contributions will allow us to accomplish these goals and will be greatly appreciated not only by us but by the others whose lives we can influence for good.
    Thank you for considering this request and your support in advance.
  • stuckinarut2
  • sparrowdown

    Is this a thing now, funding dubs to participate in this "once in a lifetime work?"

  • ToesUp

    5 months and they received $100?

    I guess Jah didn't touch the heart of others to donate.

    Some JW's feel they are entitled that others to take care of them.

  • sparrowdown
    Yeah, seems to be a bit of that going around.
  • sir82
    Huh, I guess Jehovah doesn't read GoFundMe very often.....
  • stuckinarut2
    They should have made a cartoon video and asked for ice cream money instead!
  • Lostandfound

    Plumbing the depths, appallying , I recall "seats free, no collections" begging to clear their remaining debts,!! Must be taking advice from the Lett man on public begging by means of tv. If the W T had any

    principles left these two would be off the pioneer list and LDC privileges, years ago this would have got you DFed for bringing the cong into disrepute.

  • MrsR-Awaken

    Why do people have to pay their debts? This makes me mad, these jdubs need to pay their own debts, stop preaching this nonsense jw stuff and get your lazy ass to finding a damn job. And how are they gonna influence others life for good? By presenting this cult to them and that way the GB can take their money aswell?? This religion is all about money money money and lazy pioneers not wanting to work expecting others to pay their stuff. Ughh this truly annoys me.

  • Gayle

    If the W T had any principles left

    well, they don't have principles anyway,,The headquarters just aren't going allow anyone grabbing 'their' donations potential!

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