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    compound complex

    There's been plenty of stories like "Andre the pioneer needed new tires but couldn't afford them and was praying for help, but afraid he'd have to quit pioneering. After the meeting he found an envelope with enough money taped to his steering wheel. Hooray, Jehovah provided." Billy the Ex

    My young family and I planned to go to a district convention many years ago, but the tires on my vintage Cadillac were badly worn. As a safety-conscious family man, who was both an elder and pioneer, I feared for my family's safety, perhaps, too, for innocent drivers and their families into whom I could, possibly, plow should one or all of my tires blow and send me careering across the motor way.

    Whether it appears strategic or logical from a human standpoint -- or NOT -- good JWs do not falter in their determination to put spiritual matters first. We firmly resolved to go, with tires or no tires. BTW, The Caddy was quite choice, apart from balding rubber.

    Subsequent to our decision, a family member -- who was not a lover of our truth and of our God -- gave us a newer sedan with BRAND NEW TIRES! All I prayed for was tires, scarcely expecting a newer and better car.

    We came and went to the convention with no tire troubles whatsoever. Our New Yorker stalled and conked out numerous times in San Francisco traffic, but Jehovah moved an unbeliever to assist us in our time of need. All the rest is of no consequence.

    Thanks, Billy!


  • Listener

    As pointed out this case isn't isolated amongst the JWs, there are others. I started to list them here but I feel bad doing so, these are cases where people feel they need the extra financial support due to their unfortunate situations - illness/medical needs. There was only one other case that I came across asking for funding to support pioneer work, the young sister wasn't sure if she had enough money for her upcoming missionary trip o/s and appeared to be in a panic about it as it was only days away.

    I will list one case as the comment they posted on GoFundMe reflects a common feeling.

    The Shymanski Family - a sad case where they were involved in a bad car accident, the mother is in a wheelchair and the father needs to stay at home to help look after the young family.

    Unfortunately, they are not receiving enough support from the congregation (or the Government which the Org. explains JWs are entitled to in many countries). Mind you, one might be forgiven for thinking that the Government is giving them no support, either that or they are not appreciative of it as there is no mention of it or their appreciativeness. They state the following -

    The family has amazing support from family, friends, and their congregation, but is still in need of financial assistance. If you can, please help to alleviate this burden, so they can focus on healing inside and out.

    It is interesting to see that they have already received over $25,000 in donations even though they have not explained their financial state other than the husband is not working. Personally I don't think it is really fair to be asking other people for money if you don't demonstrate or explain your dire financial situation but many people will just give these days regardless, if it pulls on their heart strings then a logical assessment of their position isn't relevant.

    For such a large organization, with over $8 million members there are no formal arrangements established to help those in need in a timely and effective manner which has resulted in some needing to resort to social media and places like gofundme for their needed support.

    This is what happened to the Sneesby family but this case is a little different because the very heads (the Governing Body) were aware of their individual situation. The GB used their example to show how this family were prepared to go to any lengths to provide the very best medical attention for their child but demonstrated that they weren't prepared to provide financial support.

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    Most or many Christians fund their missions by appealing to Christians in churches. The collections taken go direct to the missionaries and perhaps the school or clinic or whatever they are working at. There may be a mission fund through an org, but a lot spend their furloughs fundraising. No problem with that but asking for debt relief? THAT went over the boundaries.

    Will a hundred buy a cart? I bet they seeded that themselves hoping the friends would compete to be generous. Like the tip jar with a few buck already stuffed in at opening time at the coffee shop.

    I feel for any family in medical need, but if I can't help all of them, I'm sure not donating so that someone can annoy people!

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