I am a little worried....

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  • onacruse

    ((Ravyn)) my dear lady


  • Scully

    ((((( Ravyn ))))) hang in there sweetie. Do what you must do, and know that we care. If you feel like connecting privately, please feel free to send me a PM with your e-mail addy (I can receive, but not send, Private Messages at the moment, but I'll be happy to e-mail you).

    Love, Scully

  • Ravyn

    thank you all.

    Billygoat! that is just it! I DID have all my annual exams and checks! I just recently had ultrasound for abdomen and pelvis--at the time I could see on the screen that my left kidney was twice the size of my right kidney---but the results I got back were 'normal'. I have blood work for the lupus every 6 months. I am up to date on pap and even mammogram.

    No one paid any attention to me. I have been in ER atleast half a dozen times for these symptoms in the last 4 years. They just assume it is the Lupus and put me on prednisone.

    Plus I am medicaid because I am on SSI.

    From what I understand ovarian cancer or peritoneal cancer cannot be detected until it is past Stage Two. (Stage One is only affecting the female organs, Stage Two is affecting the pelvic and abdominal cavity, Stage Three is affecting secondary organs, Stage Four is affecting lungs, brain, liver, heart)

    My mother had the same experience. She and my father tried to conceive for 9 years, having all the tests and exams that was available back in the 50's. Finally, by accident some lab tech found a piece of tissue floating in a urine sample--no bigger than a pin point--and it tested positive for cancer cells. When they did surgery on her she had tumors the size of grapefruit too. She never knew it and neither did any of her doctors who were actively trying to help her get pregnant! Doctors who SHOULD have known!

    I am hearing too many horror stories about this----more women and the men who love them need to become more aware.

    One website said there can be no symptoms up to Stage Four! And most women are ignored when they go to a doctor about such concernes--even to OBGYNs. Sad but true.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    (((Ravyn))) I hope the tests go well

  • Nikita


    I have a family history similar to your own-maternal grandmother died of Breast Cancer early 40's; Mom died of Ovarian Cancer late 40's; Aunt of Cervical Cancer early 30's. My Mom went through test after test and doctor after doctor trying to tell them something wasn't right. She was an Ultrasound Tech. and one day she decided to do her own ultrasound and saw that one of her Fallopian Tubes had fluid in it ( a normal U/S, the Fallopian Tubes cannot be seen.) Plus, she had ascites in her abdomen. She said, "Oh sh**!" She knew right there and then what it was and it still took them several more months to do an exploratory and ultimately diagnose her!

    I opted to have a Hysterectomy at 35. Also, I have opted to get the CA 125 every so often just to keep a check on things.

    I'll be thinking of you and hoping that you find out for sure what is going on.

  • badolputtytat

    I am a little worried too......(((((Ravyn)))))

    Do not put this off any-longer... please. Demand a female doctor! This is important. Male doctors are fine for toe-nail fungus, and indigestion... and that is about it, where you ladies are concerned.

    I hope things turn out for the best Ravyn. I will light a candle for you tonight.


  • KGB

    Yes I have read some of her stuff but my prayers are with you and I hope all things work out okay.....

  • Prisca

    ((((((Ravyn)))))) I'm worried for you too.

    All the best with the upcoming tests and their results.

  • Angharad

    Best wishes Ravyn - hope the tests go well

  • Shakita


    Hang in there. Being a woman really sucks sometimes, doesn't it? I will be thinking about you next Thursday and hope that everything turns out ok.

    Mrs. Shakita

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