Change of "look" after leaving the organization

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  • run dont walk
    run dont walk
    Since having a beard in the JW's is not permitted,

    why ???????? is that.

    I have never been able to understand this one, it is something that does grow naturally, where as tattoos, piercing, make-up is something that has to be applied.

    How can you not permit something that is natural.

  • Ravyn

    back in the 1960's beards became status symbols of rebellion against the clean-cut 1950's. It was even suggested in the literature of the Borg of the day that having a beard or mustache was indicative of homosexuality---and we all know how horrible that is!

    (how do you spell the sound of disgust? phhhhttttffffppppttt)

    when I left I lost 100 pounds, started wearing nice clothes, got a perm, a real salon hairstyle, did my makeup like Vogue and went dancing every night. I also smiled alot which completely changed my whole face. Later on I got a tattoo, one I designed and not one that is publically visible unless I want it to be. But I had double pierced ears before I left. And I was always in trouble for wearing blue or green nail polish, funny but since I left I rarely wear nail polish(no sense if I dont have nails...)

    I just turned 41 and I am feeling the crone. I am NOT happy about it either, but one thing I can do as an older lady that I could not get away with as a younger one....I am going to color rinse my know...dark blue or green or purple...hell if I have to be half gray I might as well go rainbow! I really want a dark dark emerald would so go with my eyes....and I have been dyeing it back to black for so long now I didn't realize how gray I really am!


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Lessee the 11 yrs. since I df'd, I've worn pants every day....except on three occasions when I wore a dress....but almost always pants....can't really stand the thought of being forced to wear a dress ever again.

    Frannie B <of the "free 2 B me" class>

  • Bendrr

    Soon as I left, next day I went to the mall and bought a KISS t-shirt. The "Revenge" one, with the guys on the front and one of them shooting a bird (best I can recall anyways).

    Grew my hair long, cutting it once in '93 on orders from my job then let it grow back out again. Wore it permed for a while, imagine the 80's rockers yeah that was me, then straight. Got a tattoo and three piercings in my left ear. By '01 my hair was so long that the front bangs hung well below my chin.

    Now I'm back to a clean-cut look. Honestly, it feels pretty good. I don't even wear my earrings much anymore, but they're there on the shelf just in case.


  • Maverick

    I grew a beard while I was still in. The chickens--t elders never said a word. After I left I kept the beard until my hair grew out enought to pull back. I've had a mustache since I was 15, that stays! I got a tattoo when I was an MS. Just never told the bros, they knew, just left me alone about it. All of the vehicles I own are two seaters, except the car my daughter drives. The elders talked to me about the sports cars I owned and told me I needed a good field service car. I remember thinking, "Why should I, no one ever goes out in service with me!" Several of the older brothers loved my Jaguar and asked me if they could drive it. But generally I look HAPPIER now! Maverick

  • garybuss

    I quit association with the group in 1974. In 1992 I decided to let my beard grow for Sturgis and I was amazed how comfortable it was once it grew out a little. No more shaving rash and no more wind burned cheeks riding my motorcycle. I have not shaved since. Interesting, that's the year the shunning started. Maybe that was the shunning signal. garyB

  • xjw_b12

    LOL at Refiners Fire. There is my morning laugh !

    Back in the 70s everyone wore flared pants, platform shoes and had shoulder length hair and / or Mutton chop sideburns. I thought they all looked like a bunch of faggots at the time and my major problem was that you couldnt BUY a pair of pants that were not "flared", Everyone looked like a refuge from the partidge family.

    Valis wins the award for most outward changed appearance.

    Myself I grew a beard. Keep it neat and well trimmed, but an apostate beard nonetheless. CJ went out and had her navel pierced. Just our way of "flipping the bird" at all the stupid rules and regulations we had to endure>

  • tinkerbell82

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  • minimus

    Blondie, you look good!

  • Lapuce

    Well for me I got pierced and just three days ago got a tattoo, actually I'll post a photo of it sometime soon as it shows a sad angel attached to the word Jehovah in hebrew its very nice. I also had a goatee too, I shaved it off recently and also completely shaved my head.


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