Change of "look" after leaving the organization

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  • SYN

    Just before I left, I bleached my hair. When it started growing back out, I decided to try dying it black, and then it went purple.

    Needless to say, the principal at my school was not pleased with this development, and he personally took me to the barber's to go and have my head shaved. And this was in the middle of winter, too, so I was a very cold teenager for a while

    Other than that, no major bodily modifications to speak of. I think the greatest changes that have happened to me have been internal, not external.


    Well, I did a major transformation, more than a couple of times since I left in 1984.

    I have dyed my hair: white, yellow, orange, red and I have had a mohawk, and have shaved my head.

    Presently: buzzed right down.

    No dye, as I'm still without grey at 40, soon to be 41.

    I have tattoos, and I have had some piercings, but honestly in retrospect, I don't miss those. Tattoos, I don't know why, but I love them.

    I wear whatever I want: leather, denim, lycra and the occasional fetish-wear.

    But aside from all the obvious, I'm pretty tame at home and as I sit here, typing out this post.

  • LittleToe

    As a dub elder I was a clean shaven, short-back-and-sides guy.

    I've experimented with all sorts of beard shapes, and am currently growing my hair. "The Beatles" are back in, right?
    I've also played with some Henna tatoos, but can't seem to find one I like. At least that's adjustable, too, as they only last a couple of weeks.

    I always wore plenty of black, from right back in the 80's. My dub friends nicknamed me "The Shadow" and "Zorro's Mate", in attempt to make me conform. Decades later, and now out, I still do the black-thang.

    Radical internal changes complete the package. I'm far more content now, though I always did smile like a Cheshire cat. I was held back in becoming a MS until 23 because I didn't appear "serious enough".

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