Change of "look" after leaving the organization

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  • JH

    I was wondering how many men here let their beard grow, when they decided to quit the organization. Since having a beard in the JW's is not permitted, it would seem appropriate to let one's beard grow just to show that we don't go by their rules anymore. Maybe for others it was growing a mustache or maybe shaving their head.

    Did you change your "look" right after leaving the organization?

  • obiwan

    Oh yeah. First I put highlights in my hair, I went a little blonder, then later on I let my hair grow long. Now it's a 'normal" hair cut.

  • JH

    When I became inactive and didn't go to my meetings anymore, I let my beard grow. A few weeks later I met a brother that noticed my beard, and I could tell he was very ill at ease. This was like my way of telling them, "I don't go by your rules anymore".

  • Fe2O3Girl

    I had my hair cut really short. It didn't suit me, so sadly my hair now conforms to dub standards. I also had my nose pierced. That does suit me, so I have kept it.

    I haven't grown a moustache yet, but I probably will later in life.

  • smack

    long hair, beard, highlights. now it's a number 2

  • cat1759

    Not anything on the outside.

    Inside I was different. I started to stand up and say what was on my mind. I no longer let them tell me what I had to do.

    I had agreed to let them study with my kids as I was working 75hrs a week at the time. I told them there was one condition, they never ever mention meetings as my kids have no way of attending unless someone were to pick them up and it would be their choice to go. After being told that I needed to go on welfare if I could not attend, I told them that I was the head of the house and it was my job to provide.

    At the study they started on my kids about waking me up and telling me how they wanted to go to the meetings. My son informed me of what they were doing as he was there when I told them about the one condition. I told my son I will stay awake during the next study. I did and I heard the brothers explaining once again to my children they needed to wake me up to take them to the meetings. I came out of my bedroom and informed them that there was only one stipulation to the bible study and since they did not adhere to my word, "there is the door, don't let it hit you in the ass on the way out, don't ever come back." Shocked, disbelief at myself and the fact I could stand up and actually swear.

    So there were no changes to my appearance but inside I went from wimpy to hard ass.


  • blondie

    I let my beard grow too.


  • Gopher

    I didn't change my look right away. I was about 40 when leaving, and really didn't feel like making any radical EXTERNAL changes. Of course my inner person changed quite a lot.

    After a couple of years, YoursChelbie (now my wife) convinced me I'd look good with a light beard. And I tried it, and she was right (as usual). If any dubs see me in public, they will immediately know I'm not with them! (In fact that has happened.)

    I enjoy not having to go by the stupid JW rules which enforce conformity to their narrow ideas.

  • badolputtytat

    I have had exactly two hair-cuts since 1983. (One because I was in a terrible accident and had to have my head shaved for surgery).

    Those OPEY TAYLOR hair-cuts.... I hated them. I used to get beat-up a lot.

    **However, I admit that being in the professional (and worldly) atmosphere, is sometimes hindered by my choice to have extremely long hair.

    When I attend meetings I wear a very tight pony-tail, and while they believe I am sincere in my desire to come back to the "truth"... no one has mentioned me going in service... hmmmmm???? (giggles to myself)

    No beard or facial hair though. My wife says it is better without....... nevermind.

  • gumby

    Yeah.....I did.

    First I grew a mustache...then a beard. I didn't like either one and shaved them both off cuz I'm the clean-cut mormon lookin kind a guy. I also wore black t-shirts alot,......maybe a little rebellion eh?

    The only thing that bugs me about dubs doing all that, is the satisfaction the witnesses get at believing they are correct and you are wrong. They believe when you leave Jehovah........things like beards and mustaches will appear. When they see it tickles them pink that they truely have Jehovahs spirit and you know have Satans spirit.

    BTW....if I'm not mistaken....Satan has a beard and a mustache


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