How you can tell they've come back! or, timewasters....

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  • LDH

    I was just thinking, when I was a young teenager, I started an attempt to become fashion conscious. I started noticing what people were wearing, even at the KH. OK, especially at the KH!!!!

    There was one sister with an "unbelieving mate" who wore culottes. Outrageous!!!!

    The older sisters were tons of fun because they frequently had on clothing from the 40's or 50's.

    But the most fun was watching for.....the prodigals!!!!

    You could always tell when someone "left the truth" or got DF'd because when they came back to the KH, their wardrobe hadn't changed a lick!

    What great fun, trying to pinpoint what year someone went commando!

    Ahhh.....the memories of how we wasted time at the KH.

    What was your favorite time waster?


  • gumby
    What was your favorite time waster?

    Nodding off with my eyes open.

    Besides that........ I used that time quite often to read the bible. I know that sound a bit sicko but I did.

    Speaking of wardrobes little missy........I'd say it's time for a new pick of you so I don't have to see that pic of you in the dress with the padded's gotta go. Next pic how about just a plain old low-cut blouse?


    (gumby returns to edit post to say he's leavin town cuz lisa's going to kick his ass)

  • KGB

    Ah don't listen to gumby your a beautiful lady with padded shoulders or a low cut blouse...(LOL)

  • gumby
    your a beautiful lady with padded shoulders or a low cut blouse

    Amen..............but mostly the "low cut blouse"part


  • Nikita

    Hi Lisa! Good to see you back here!

    I was like Gumby-reading my Bible more-I always went further into the verses than what was assigned which usually left me with more questions!

    Ofcourse, at the conventions, it was all about checking out the "brothers."


  • unique1

    I would play with my fingernails for 2 hours.

  • waiting

    I knew what everybody was wearing, including jewelry, shoes, etc. within eyesight. I found that a lot of other sisters did this too - because we'd talk to each other about it after the meetings. Not that we were THAT interested........we were THAT bored.

    There was one little black sister from up north who was just precious. She outclassed everyone else - no matter what age. Beautiful hats - and proud to wear them too. Her clothes always were accessorized with jewelry, etc. I loved to compliment her - as she was as nice as her clothes. About 70 yrs old....and still a catch. Her husband was a jerk though. She doted on that old fool.

    The last year or so........I would just take stacks of WT & Awakes to read. Then I didn't have to feel guilty about not reading them any other time - could look at the pictures, draw in the margins, etc. And I stayed awake....and could keep a decent account of what was being said in the meetings, as it wasn't anything new anyway.


  • zev

    checking to see which elders wife had the shortest skirt and the lowest cut blouse.



  • caballoSentado

    for those whose native language is not english, What is a culotte?
    the spelling is very similar to the spanish word "culote"... can you
    imagine the meaning? culote = culo grande = Big culo = BIG ASS!
    Caballo Sentado
    How can I access the emoticons?

  • Ravyn

    caballo---well that's close!

    culottes are wide legged short pants--not as short as bermuda shorts and wider legged than capris or leggings. Mid calf I would say. Some culottes were one piece- like short legged jumpsuits that you zippered into. Or they could also be sleeveless jumper-style one piece where you had to wear a shirt underneath.

    If I am not mistaken, in the late 70's early 80's the fashion name for culottes was 'gauchos' and it was a big thing to wear them with matching vests or suit jackets in various solid shades of polyester with contrasting stitching. Some were wide enough to be mistaken for really tacky skirts.


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