How you can tell they've come back! or, timewasters....

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  • wednesday

    Checking out what people were wearing, looking for any signs of rebelliousness;in my younger years, hiking up my skirt and watching the MS sweat as they passed the mikes. Seeing how many times i could go to the restroom so i could show off an outfit. checking out the married couples and guessing who had good sex, and who was miserable.

  • shamus

    We used to draw captions on the watchtowers pictures and the songbooks. They were literally graffitti with all the scribbling..... it was great fun! We used to giggle the whole meeting away, much to the chagrin of the local "body" of elders....

  • freedom96

    I thought about anything other than what was being said on the stage.

  • rocketman

    Getting up and walking around was something I had to do to get through meetings. I'd go out to my car and snack too. Anything to ease the mind-numbing boredom!

    We had several elders that, along with me, couldn't stay seated either. We'd go in the library and chat or talk congregation business.

  • Euphemism
    We had several elders that, along with me, couldn't stay seated either. We'd go in the library and chat or talk congregation business.

    LOL I knew a lot of elders that would do that. Any brother with "responsibilities", in fact, would look for just about any excuse to perform those responsibilities during the meeting... (myself included)

  • ballistic

    When there was a spate of car crime in the KH car park, they had to introduce car park monitors. Oh heaven! You can imagine how popular it was!

  • talesin

    Sunday WT study - slump, bend head, hide behind WT and nap!!

    caballo - just click on the Happy Face in the Toolbar when composing reply, and emoticons will come up. Click the one you want, and voila! There it is.


  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    I could never stay sitting... MS don't get the libary with closed door privilage much - that's an elder perk, but sure as hell get back of the hall space whenever they want it.

    We'd often have most of the MS's all leaning on the literature counter or riding shotgun on the sound mixer or sitting with the hall attendant or supporting the microphone runners... but mostly just bagging the guy on the platform ... most of the meeting... The hero was the guy who could get the speaker to laugh...

    The little ante-room by the platform was cool too... go up there 30 min before a talk to collect your thoughts, pray, prepare a whiteboard, sleep, read a novel.... look at the talk material for the first time ... make animal noises that the speaker can hear but not the audience... make obsene gestures to people doing demo's ... whatever... at the circut assembly site there was a table tennis table behind the platform... I was never that game though.... apparently the speaker was the only one who could hear if there was a game on!!

    Geting assigned to the right crew at jamboree's was just a matter of figuring who was slacker than you and had a private room (audit and attendant depts were good for that) at the site (typically with fresh coffee and all the geogous sisters). That was 75% of the sessions gone and a reputation witht eh plebs as a hard working bro... even the wife only complains about the bro's using you too much, so no blame and all gain... by the end she was on to the game and was just plain jelous...

    No wonder I left! Wanker that I was! (actually, that was an other diversion when it got really bad...)

  • Euphemism
    riding shotgun on the sound mixer

    LOL! I love that! Spot on, Max.

  • lookinlively

    I looked up scriptures too - it became a game to see how many references I could look up before the next scripture was called!

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