How you can tell they've come back! or, timewasters....

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  • LDH

    You guys are too much!

    And hey, I don't have on shoulder pads! (Who said that?) That's just my god-given good looks!! he he, however I will be posting new pics in October....same bat time, same bat channel. Stay tuned.

    These are pretty good time wasters, I'll admit. My sister and I also had a few others.

    One time, we made up a game where we listed on one side of the paper, word whiskers and mispronunciations that were infamous in the congregation. On the other side of the paper, the names of the offenders. We distributed it to other teenagers. Till we got busted by my parents, who also had a hard time not laughing.


    Doot-er-on-o-my Class (not)

  • Funchback

    Two things I would do:

    1) I would pick out the three hottest looking women that day and wonder what sex with them would be like

    2) I would draw cartoons of the goofiest looking people (there were many to choose from) on the back of field service slips and hand them to people who would do the same.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Mostly when I got borrrrrred, I just read in their "Gnu-Whirled Translation", which prolly gave me a "leg up" on 'em and enabled me to see their profound lack of love.

    Frannie B

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