1975—Were You Affected By What 1975 Was Supposed to Bring?

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  • minimus

    I cannot understand how anyone could be around before 1975 and not know the rhetoric that was going on

  • minimus

    Or should I say the bullshit

  • waton

    We had a 6 year warning window on that date, so I promptly build a small house, because owning was cheaper then than renting, Moved into real estate, just like wt INC. , who bought property before 1975. perhaps from some that took a bet on 1975; Interestingly some worldly people who liked JWs for their honesty as craftsmen, sincerity aka gullibleness, were swayed, swept along with the 1975 tide too,

    Funny how calm 1975 was, no fireworks at all, ha ha.

  • smiddy3

    It was about the year 1969 with the release of the book " Life Everlasting In Freedom Of The Son Of God" { " Life Everlasting" } book that stated in that publication that 6000 years of human history would culminate in the year 1975 in October.

    I was 30 years old at the time and I had reservations about it.The G.B. at the time also stated that it the big "A" might even happen sooner or a bit later , however not years later maybe only a few months later because of not knowing when Eve was created.

  • Biahi

    I was there, they definitely said 1975 was it, I was 16 years old in 1975. I expected to DIE, because I knew Jehovah could read my mind and know I didn't want to be a witness. In 1976, I had a talk with my elder dad, i told him they were false prophets, he said they just "made a mistake."

  • Ding

    I remember an elder who hyped 1975... until 1976 arrived.

    Then he told me 1975 wasn't significant and that his service to Jehovah wasn't tied to a date.

    When I reminded him how much importance the organization (and he) had placed on 1975, he yelled at me.

  • Diogenesister

    Tameria 2001I haven't cried so reading an exjw story, that is so stark and simple an example of the pain and unfairness of life. How cruel of Watchtower

  • waton

    One bethel top gun said later apologize? what for the million that "took the truth" because of it?

    inadvertently admitting that wt numbers are boosted by lies. like glue strips attract flies.

  • Normalfulla

    I was also a twinkle in my dads stupid pioneer eye... Just today we talked of 1975 (hes still an avid jw beliver) and he said he thought the end was coming in 75 but afterwards it was a great sifting work, where it sorted out the right hearted ones from those serving to a date..

    I almost puked. I said... dont u think there were sincere people who smelled a rat and BS and thats why they left ? I pointed out luke 21.8 and said the jw fit the bill for this scripture and there was tumbleweed... What a dumbass.. Sorry dad

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    I was 3 years old in 75. My mom taught me to read just then. I was at Campbell Hall at UCSB. It was about Fred Franz and 1975 the year we were there. It was a big deal. Everyone was giddy. I can not find any reference to it online. He was in Los Angeles the weekend before.

    Years later I learned about the silly bros and sis that sold businesses and properties before Armageddon came and about bros and sis chastised for keeping their investments in tact.

    30 years later those rebellious JWs are sitting on, have sold, have passed on multi million dollar properties to their offspring in death or otherwise. Very few of which are still active JWs.

    75 was foreshadow. Never to be repeated. Because nobody can afford shit that will appreciate like before.

    The end time prediction will likely surface again. There aren’t any wealthy hangers on left who would wager it all on just around the corner. Their kids have inherited it all and have long left the WT.

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