2020-Articles Of Association--Bylaws--Notice Of Special Meeting! (as of 2020-11-25)

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    For any interested, here is a Wikipedia article on 'water rights' law in the US. As the article shows, there are a lot of factors involved. The complexity of the laws might argue that the document was intended for a particular congregation.

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  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    The "Boy's club" trying to discredit information that doesn't come from them. We DO understand these documents, but there are a few things in them that make us go "ummmm"

    The water rights to the Kingdom Hall on the west coast are agricultural water rights by a river that the congregation is selling and going on a 'metered system'.

    Did anyone catch where they said "If WTBT$ is not then in existence...."?

    But O'Donnell/Redwood wants to discredit us and ignore what is in front of him since it didn't come from him.

    We're hoping the PIMO that sent us this info will be able to get a recording.

    From Reddit:

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Spanish congregations are receiving these new By-laws to be voted on.

    use the CC then click on settings to change auto-translate to your language


  • JeffT

    I can't get the translate to work. Is he just reading the same documents? Did this go out to the whole world (I can't imagine why they would send a doc based on US tax law - but let's face it we don't understand a lot of what they do). Is this possibly going to a Spanish congregation using the same Hall? I'm very curious about why they doing this, whether with one Hall or all of them.

    In any event this is boiler plate language for forming a corporation. It's all dictated by the IRS and your state legislature. See here for an example http://www.dmlp.org/legal-guide/articles-incorporation-nonprofits

    Regarding "not then in existence" This is more boiler plate. IF (yes I meant to put that in caps) the nonprofit goes out of business any assets remaining after all debts are settled MUST be turned over to another nonprofit. You can designate where you want it to go, or the State can do it for you, but it has to go to another nonprofit. Think of this like an insurance policy. You name your spouse as the beneficiary, but if they're gone the kids get it.

    In this case the any remaining assets go to the WTBS, or IF they're gone some other worthy nonprofit group.

    That's all that means.

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