2020-Articles Of Association--Bylaws--Notice Of Special Meeting! (as of 2020-11-25)

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  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Please do not let one persons remark define what you have done, have been doing, will continue doing {I sincerely hope}. You have done a world of good for tonnes of people who greatly appreciate your hardwork and efforts and all your efforts has gone into waking many up to the TATT and break from the handcuffs of the jw's. Once again do not let one persons remark define what you do.

    Zing's Partner {Zp}

  • pette

    @ Atlantis, please dont let some unthoughtful comment get to overshadow your efforts to share. I belive a great deal of folk benefit from your breakroom generosity.

    Atleast I know i have..

  • Yomama

    Please atlantis we need this info and also from petra.

  • JeffT

    I think I see what's going on here, but I need to do a little research. We're having an inside our bubble Thanksgiving so it will likely be tomorrow before I can get to it. I'm also trying to finish a rough draft of a (JW related) novel I've been working on for a long time.

    Reminder: I was an accountant (working in real estate) for a long time.

    Petra, you have a PM

  • mikeflood

    This sounds like they are running and circling the wagons....maybe they are thinking about closing the Ark's door that the Borg and R&F cherish so much.

    Too much stressed about COVID-19, it seems.

  • stillMS

    The retiring of our dear Atlantis and Petra will definitely make the Borg super happy.

    Still, I'm very grateful to them and their team/sources for all the work they've been doing for years!

    I would love to see them back to work, of course :) - but fully respect any decision they make.

  • crazy_flickering_light

    I'm so sad. Retiring will hurt activism, not the bOrg. Fuck the idiots for attacking you.

    No matter what happens, a beer waiting here in Germany always for you.

  • Jeffro

    It is clear from the extended analysis that the description as ‘useless’ was in regard to the perceived legal weight of the documents rather than their provision on here. (However, I disagree with that assessment as those defined as the ‘members’ are familiar with the definitions that the analysis considered vague.)

    The other comment about a ‘fake scandal’ was unwarranted.

  • Jeffro

    I’m not familiar with US water rights law, but it would seem that signing those rights to another party would serve as an encumbrance if a local congregation wanted to later sell their hall independent of the watch tower society.

  • asp59

    So they gonna have a worldwide meeting about some water in small town USA? Think the documents are fake. Or possible tampered with. Have happened many times now. Don't know if it's the borg or some JW screwing around with exjw community. I have seen it increase for some time now.

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