2020-Articles Of Association--Bylaws--Notice Of Special Meeting! (as of 2020-11-25)

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    One if understand it right is JWs inactive being kicked out of congregation. Can't imagine org wanna suddenly drop what could be 100000 s of members. I think they are that many. Think of the donations org will have to do without.

    No. The letter does not refer to 'kicking out' inactive JWs. Since earlier this year, the Watch Tower Society has made a distinction between "members" and 'those in the congregation', and these letters are consistent with that. The "members" of the corporation must, in addition to being 'active' JWs, be at least 18 and there is no indication whatsoever that the Society is saying those under 18 are no longer JWs, and they are still 'members' in the typical religious sense though not able to vote on matters of the corporation. (However, it is obvious that they do not want dissenting 'members' (in the religious sense) from being able to vote on matters pertaining to the local corporation.) Nor would it be necessary to tell 'those in the congregation' who is actually considered a member of the "corporation" as all could individually believe themselves to be members in that sense, but their votes simply would not be counted. JWs are generally trained to vote as expected on congregational matters anyway, hence the pre-printed letters indicating the motions 'were' carried. Notably, a requirement of corporation 'membership' is to be "completely in harmony with the doctrines and organizational arrangements set forth by the ecclesiastical Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses", therefore disagreeing with a motion ostensibly set by the Governing Body could disqualify corporation membership.

    The other thing is telling the congregation that org maybe won't be around. They would never do that. They just lie and lie everything is great the whole time will selling out everything.

    The wording seems to be more crafted around ensuring that moneys go to an entity with tax-exempt status, but even if they believed it credible that the New York corporation might be removed altogether, they would make all efforts to disburse the funds to their other various entities.

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    The wording seems to be more crafted around ensuring that moneys go to an entity with tax-exempt status

    The IRS requires this of all nonprofit organizations.

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    Where did I read WT's worried about the lights going out - hilarious! Half asleep but one of their gov goons on video made comment? Thx

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