Leaked WT Elder Training Video

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  • contramundum

    I found this extremely uncomfortable to watch.

    Robbie was told :This is not a court of law" That became all too apparent. He would have received less harsh treatment in a "worldly" court. The elder said that they must all be convinced of his repentance in order to show mercy. Isn't this entirely the wrong way round? Law courts have the responsibility to establish guilt beyond all reasonable doubt to return a guilty verdict.

    Their creepy, pseudo-gentle demeanour cannot fool anyone. This organisation is cruel, self righteous and judgemental.


  • RubaDub

    Huxley ...

    Like I said, if you go into a JC not wearing a jacket, you are SOL.

  • BourneIdentity

    I can understand being in a judicial committee if someone ratted you out, but as has been said already by others, you are a complete fool to open up to the elders about ANYTHING! No matter how close you are to them and if you consider them like a father figure or best friend, their number one priority is keeping the congregation clean and answering to the circuit overseer. They don’t care how much they fuck up your life, just as long as they can feel a sense of pride by upholding the cleanliness in the Organization.

    No one should ever approach men and ask for forgiveness or try to prove your repentance to them. That’s what prayer is for if you believe in God. Why even feel guilty about sinning, we have all been born sinners, it’s what we fucking do!

  • asp59

    You are not suppose to trust anyone in this org. Not family or anyone in cong. Some have to learn the hard way

  • Bangalore

    They are more like slave masters than shepherds of the flock.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Now that I'm old enough to be one of the judges, I see this process in a different light. This kid seriously messed up. A girlfriend is pregnant... he now will have a child with a women he might not even love and has little in common with her. That in itself is already a huge consequence that will have tremendous impact on his life. They could have told him:

    Listen kid, you now have plenty of hardships ahead of you. That doesn’t mean you can’t take control back over your life though. Start walking in line with your faith and your friends and family will stand by your side helping you get through this.

    Instead, they complain about his lack of relationship with God, the very thing they are supposed to help restore. Then, it’s all about them: He deceived us, he didn’t report to us earlier, he only confessed because he had to, our forms and documents and rules say this and that… where is the love?

  • JWPrince

    Jesus that brings back sickening memories of the first, second, and third through 12th times I had to watch that ridiculous thing at various KM schools and CO visits.

    I always said they could save us so much time just giving the elders a flow chart:

    Did she touch your dick while you were making out? > Inside of your pants? Yes > Did you ejaculate> Yes = DF'd

    Did you put your dick in her? = DF'd

    Did you touch her tits? > Yes Over the bra? > Yes Only 1 time? > Yes = Private Reproof

    Under the bra? > Yes Multiple times while you fingered her? > Yes = DF'd

    Instead, we got these mental midget overactors pretending that it was anything else other than a judgment/sentancing process prescribed by the Branch based on the "evidence"

    I can't tell you how many hundreds of cases and thousands of hours wasted on all of this crap. All at the same time, dragging people in to this religion just so we could throw them back out again.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    'You are not suppose to trust anyone in this org. Not family or anyone in cong. Some have to learn the hard way'

    They will hang you out to dry so fast it make you dizzy.

    They will throw you to the dogs, and in the meantime kick you while you're down.

  • kingpelican

    This video makes me sick how they teach men to be ball less eunuch's. Grovel take a knee hand us your testies. Its sick. Robbie should tell them where to pack it.

  • redpilltwice

    Yes, I remember this. He forgot to read Psalm 51, gosh! 😓

    The elder said "I was hoping..." In reality many elders would've thought : "Wrong answer, what an insult! Something wrong with my God-given authority maybe? 👁👁 You shot yourself in the foot, Jehovah didn't appoint us for nothing! Hah!!"

    He was f#&ked anyway for the sin of omission, "only" caring for his reputation and loss of friends and last but not least...not realising soon enough he also hurt Jehovah.

    Why o why do people call this a cult? 😏

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