Leaked WT Elder Training Video

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  • jhine

    Is this for real ? l feel like l am watching a hoax video .


  • Vanderhoven7

    Yes for real and exemplary for elders.

  • Overrated

    I had a mini JC or a start of one in my own home when three Eldubs visit me. But lucky I had in adjoining room my legal counsel looking over another matter an over heard their interrogation. She stepped in and educated them on my legal rights and asked "who the hell are you"? They decided to leave quickly andi Never seen them return

  • Jofi_Wofo

    It's not just how tyranical, uncaring and unscriptural the whole process is. It's that every step of the process is precisely constructed to ensure the highest possible liklihood of disfellowshipping the alleged wrongdoer.

    Rules to follow:

    - Don't let an elder who cares too much about the individual be on the judicial comitee. (not shown in this clip, but earlier in the video)

    - Make sure to begin the judicial hearing by pronoucing the irrefutable pretense of guilt. (also not shown in this clip)

    - Don't discuss any positive aspects of the individual's character nor prior good acts.

    - Nitpick every single imaginable detail to ensure that the absolute maximum level of culpability can be ascribed to the individual.

    - Require the individual to not just express lament for his actions, but also demonstrate complete desolation and desperation, throwing himself at the mercy of the comittee.

    - Even after doing so, give the individual absolutlely no credit for acknowledging his error if he fails to show the "correct" form of sorrow.

    - Disfellowship him without allowing him another chance to explain himself.

    - Pretend like the individual doesn't exist for at least 6 months, or at most, for the entire rest of his life.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Dont forget to send someone by after midweek meeting to knock on the door at 10 to tell you the committee is coming tomorrow at 5; ask for a confession on being at a friends home and going inside( my teenager, at a school chum), bringing in ready and willing witnesses who lived across the street from said chum; one witness was a air force man who was not baptized- wife in; loudly proclaiming it was dinner time so hurry up, then not giving direction on how to get reinstated if wanted, and telling us to not even think about an appeal.

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