why won't legal department simply release all the secret pedophile files?

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  • Annon

    I remember listening to a talk some years ago about the angels keeping Jehovah's congregation clean and clearing out wrongdoers.

    What a pile of absolute drivel.

  • Finkelstein

    Elders™ who are aware of sexual abuse of children can pick up the damn phone and make an anonymous report to child welfare authorities. All they need to say is This child told me that they were being sexually abused. The Child Protection Services will follow up. The WT doesn't need to be notified, nor will they be implicated.

    Totally agree Scully in fact in doing so would essentially uplift the particular organization for their responsible civil duty toward the protection of children.

    There is something that the WTS has said in the past about why they shouldn't openly talk or speak about people's transgressions which is relevant to why they dont openly speak to outside government authorities, again it was connected to their intent to cover up these situations.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    @Anony Mous, So sorry to hear you were raised by an abusive step father.

    I would like to "talk" with you. Can you PM me a safe email using your Anony Mous name so that I can contact you? I guess I am still on restrictions because I cannot post PM's or start new topics or give any thumbs up.

    Glad you woke up and at least are not under the restrictive hand of JW..org.

    PS @Scully. Is there anything you can do to "lift" my "restrictions"?

  • stillin

    Lois! I just realized that I've been missing you!

  • Fisherman

    Also, disclosure of the documents crosses state lines involving privacy laws of other states which could be violated, and, the information goes back in time, decades in the past, when present privacy laws did not apply. So, is a blanket State Court order covering every state, and time periods not governed by present laws, legal?

  • Fisherman

    Hopefully the governments will institute a enforced law that states all religious institutions and other secular organizations/Clubs must report all possible incidents of pedophilia that occur within their organizations and if they dont, jail sentences and large fines will be implemented.

    Should it not also apply to lawyers too? If a child abuser goes free he endangers society, no? And what about when an innocent person goes to jail for child abuse, why shouldn't the judge, prosecutors, each juror, witnesses, a parent lying to get custody, et al, also be punished, instead of having laws that protect them?

    And why are crimes against children any different than other crimes? Someone who cheats on his taxes, steals, drugs (buys is sells) has an adulterous relationship ( sometimes that is a crime) or commits any other crime. Why shouldn't it be mandatory for the church to report all crimes to the police and all members' files and communications to be soepoenable same as doctor files, pharmacy files, shrink files, pedo files, in any legal proceeding. Is it fair to someone that has been harmed or continues to be harmed from criminal conduct and the church knows about it and that information is protected while on the other hand child abuse information is not protected? Also, why shouldn't law enforcement not be able to go to your house unexpectedly, based on a hunch or on any accusation, and search and investigate you and install monitoring devices on your phone and in your house without needing a Court order, as a prophylaxis, to keep society safe and to get evidence against you just in case you are guilty?

  • _Morpheus

    Let me help you fisher..

    crimes against children are indeed very different than other offense you listed. Children are unable to speak up and fend for themselves. As defenseless members of society they benefit from special protection and damn rightly so.

    As an adult, if someone abuses you sexually you are (generally) able to decide how to handle it. If you are defrauded you can decided to report it or not. Etc etc.

    children cannot.

    I agree there are ethical issues and i dont want any church reporting on confidential minutia, sexual dalliances or even income tax fraud. When it comes to those unable to speak for themselves there is a clear obligation.

  • Fisherman
    crimes against children are indeed very different than other offense you listed.

    We know all about that, no kidding. No need to explain what is axiomatic. But the Courts treat all crimes just the same: Felony, Misdemeanor, Violation. Could be Child abuse or Drug trafficking or another offense. Punishment is the same too: Jail. My point that you fail to see is that if church privacy on child abuse communications is defeated, then logically, all confidentiality falls apart. Also, as despicable as child sexual abuse is, other crimes are just as despicable too, to the victim, and should get no special treatment, less that how child abuse is treated by the church and by the Courts. You may feel that murder, drug trafficking, robbery, Fraud, etc.,should be held confidential by the church but victims of those crimes disagree and want the same justice applied to them too.

    Why should a lawyer be able to keep child abuse communications with his client private and defend a guilty client only to have him set a child abuser free upon society, on the other hand, a child abuser cannot go to a minister for spiritual help without having to report him to the authorities. In both instances, a guilty child abuser goes free.

    Understood that children need to be protected specially, you are not enlightening me, but as I have posted many times, as it relates to the church, that requires new Federal legislation unified across state lines, same as abortion is legal all over the US, no conflict of laws; if someone even looks like an abuser, the church must report him. And that's that. No more legal excuses. Now, not as it relates to the church, but child sexual abuse as a problem in society, is here to stay and will only get worse. Nothing can be done about incest and nothing can be done about incompetent or very trusting parents handing over their precious kids to wolves. And nothing legally can be done to get pedophiles to stop having sexual feeling towards children until they catch one. Parents need to protect their kids and if a child is born to sick or abusive parents he is out of luck.

    Also, is legislation protecting kids when a 14yo or younger can marry someone who is thirty or 69? Where is the outrage?

  • _Morpheus

    You could not be more wrong. All crimes are not treated the same and the law absolutely makes distinctions between children and adults.

    You write several paragraphs asking how crimes against children are different than any other crime. I give a succinct answer and you write several more indignant pararaphs both stating that you know why child crimes are different but then simultaneously say you dont understand and that they are not different.

    Do you have a coherent point of view? Is there a way you can summarize your fragmented view without me having to wade through volumes of disjointed thoughts?

  • waton
    M:"...All crimes are not treated the same and the law absolutely makes distinctions between children and adults.

    true, so, think about this: the same sex act between a 17 year old girl and her 18 year old boyfriend is fine (outside the jw domaine) but the same situation would send a 10 year older male to prison and could have him end up dangling in his cell. Marriage of a 12 year old female was legal in some North American jurisdiction, but touching her the wrong way by her female teacher could end the offender's life the same way.

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