why won't legal department simply release all the secret pedophile files?

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  • Finkelstein

    Fisherman says .......

    All you care about is yourself, Finkelstein. You'd hand over any child on a platter to a pedophile personally, just as long as you could get back at Watchtower somehow. That is all you want here.

    Expressing more nonsensical stupidity Fisherman really. ?

    All you have left is to throw Ad hominems at people because they made you look like an apathetic irresponsible dildo.

    What l do care about is for all institutions religious or otherwise be under enforced guidelines by governments to report all possible incidents of pedophilia in their organizations.

    From there a proper investigation can proceed, the findings of these investigations can be forwarded to the organizations of which these people participated.

    For example, if a person was a elementary school teacher and that person was charged with pedophilia that person would be forever banned as being a teacher with children.

    That's why those laws exist when these people are released from prison.

  • Finkelstein

    Here is a video of some recent activity of the court case in California and the $4000.00 daily fine the WTS has to pay and other information pertaining to a case in the UK.


  • Incognito

    I see this as a problem that WT created for itself, and must now deal with the consequences.

    While true that they don't need to create and keep files on members, the fact is, they did. Since those files exist and the court is aware they exist, the court demands the files are to be turned over to the appropriate authority.

    I don't recall Catholic Church needing to hand over files on abusive members, or being held liable for the actions of congregants. I seem to recall the church being only held liable for it's 'employees'.

    As far as most elders not dealing with abuse, it may not be that it wasn't occuring, but they may not (yet) be aware. A congregation we had moved from had multiple incidents, with different abusers and victims. There were no warnings to the congregation, but there were more than the usual CO/DO visits as well as odd behaviour and statements made during meetings. While there was plenty of speculation among average congregants, those elders and MS's "in the know", including their friends, knew everything, and each were able to take protective actions for their family, unlike the more lowly members outside of their clique.

    It seems WT are similar to Scientology as children are considered to be small adults and are expected to act as such. Not only are children expected to dress up and sit and pay attention for long periods during meetings, assemblies, and conventions, they are also expected to prepare and participate in answering during WT Study, Daily Text and Family Study as well as the preaching work including D2D and at school.

    When it comes to reported sexual abuse, there has been instances a minor child is questioned by elders to determine what they were wearing or how they interacted with the abuser, thereby placing blame on the child for "asking for" or allowing the abuse to occur.

    WT are treating child abuse as a sin, not a crime. Sins are within religious jurisdiction whereas crimes are beyond a religeous matter and authority.

    There are those that make the excuse that laws need to be amended to be more consistent. Consider WT's claim that beliefs and treatment for all of Jah's people is consistent everywhere on Earth and that Jah takes notice even when a Sparrow falls from the sky.

    If JW's truly believe WT is Jah's organization, it shouldn't matter what man's secular laws require for JWs to consistently do the right thing in reporting abuse of those that can't defend themselves. When an incident of abuse is reported to the appropriate secular authorities whether required or not, then accountability to God is transferred to the authority for how the matter is handled.

  • Fisherman
    I agree there are ethical issues and i dont want any church reporting on confidential minutia, sexual dalliances or even income tax fraud....

    You are confused. It ain't about ethics. It is about crimes.

  • _Morpheus

    Fisher, it took you 24 hours to come up with that?

    Give it a rest. Your foaming at the mouth trying to defend the indefensible. You seem duty bound to defend the org at all costs. You have reached for strawmen in virtually every post and when not setting up strawmen your attempting to bury any possible discussion under a torrent of verbal vomit.

    I surrender my don quixote quest to have a reasonable and coherent discussion with you on this topic. Fear not, your watchtower windmill of infallibility is safe.

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