Believers: How do you know your view of your chosen holy book is the correct one?

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  • punkofnice

    Great and honest responses. Thanks folks.

    You see, I've read threads and stuff, where the believer will quote scriptures to prove a point. This perplexes me now. This is what the WBT$ did...and way out of context too. Is it any wonder I trust no one.

    Bill Maher, in an interview, said about a man the same as he is, doesn't have any more special knowledge than anyone else. I agree. There are charlatans and the genuinely honest yet still deluded out there.

    I'm not about to try to argue...will if you want (but I really can't be bothered)....I seek clarity to compare to my old jobo mind set I once had.

    We're probably all in the Matrix, except for the flying fights on wires

  • atomant

    How could a so called perfect god have got it all so wrong.?So many religions,beliefs.interpretations..with each religion arguing they have the truth.lts a circus full of clowns.

  • punkofnice

    Atomant - I imagine the Jobos and possibly other denominations would say that it was the Devil that has confused everyone.

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    The Bible is a story of good and bad. No matter what version you own of the Bible it's the same story.

    All it really says is how we should treat one another. The story of the man who owed money and his debtor forgave his debt. Now the guy that has been forgiven .... now does he forgive others of their debt..... heck no....he goes and pressures others to pay him so he gets forgiveness it don't give none? Yes, folks there it is, do we need the Bible to tell us that, but you know what there are plenty of people out there that need to be told to love and forgive. If the Bible didn't tell them, they wouldn't have the decency to do it.

    Just like we need holidays so we can get together with our families. Most humans are into themselves. We give our kids 365 a year but the great powers,that be dictate to us when to be nice because we just don't know. Yes there are many people in religions that mean well but the majority are mean spirited and the only way they may see the light that their religion is not the truth is when someone steps on their toes and they ain't so adamant anymore.

    Heres the thing everyone thinks they are right, their God is bigger and better than your God. 2 christians talking.... I believe in God. The other says so do I. They talk about how good it is to be a Christian and find out they are on the same page with their beliefs, finally one says hey I go to worship on Saturday the other says I go on sundays, they part saying we can't be friends we attend worship on different days.

    Thats Christianity attitude. We must agree.


  • OnTheWayOut


    Believers: How do you know your view of your chosen holy book is the correct one?

    My two cents: why limiting it to believers? The same question can be asked to any person who has a belief (or non-belief).

    Okay. I went to the books and documentaries that discuss the development of the Bible. I read so much until it became clear- the Bible was a great gathering and editing of man-made stories intended originally to unite the various peoples in Babylon that were once ruled by Saul, David, and Solomon. The writers, editors borrowed from other legends and stories from other groups. The "God" of the original writings was a warrior god. "El" was the chief of the Canaanite gods and "Isreal" is based on his name, not on Yahweh which El probably became. No matter how well they edited, the written language skills of these people in Babylon was still primitive and developing and they did not fully remove traces of conflict in their stories and did not eliminate "El" to fully replace him with "Yahweh" whom they morphed into the creator of the entire cosmos. The idea of a single "god" further developed when Cyrus returned the Jews and the priests of the temples became ambassadors to Persia.

    Jesus stories are similarly loaded with borrowed thoughts from other legends and god stories from other groups. While the Greek gods seemed to be falling out of favor, the worship of Isis, Dyonysus, Mithras, and various pagan gods was popular. And writing was quite advanced by that time. Expressing faith and reason in writing was all the rage. Still, philosophy heavily included belief in deities as people had not developed ideas that the cosmos could have come about without gods or a single god.

    And somehow, against all odds, the Romans chose Christianity instead of other belief systems, as the state religion to unite the various groups they ruled over.

    It's a much easier story to understand if we ignore all of the above and we go with the promoted story- Abraham worshiped a God who was known by various names, one group of people went from Abraham to Allah and another went off in captivity to Egypt until that same God of Abraham revealed to Moses that He was to be "Yahweh" (or Jehovah) and immediately told the people in 10 commandments to have "no other gods" before them. That fits so nicely with the idea that Yahweh later sent Jesus.

    So there's your answer. How do I know? I did the legwork. If any details are slightly off, the general idea that the stories of the Bible were invented and taken from others and that the writings were about giving people a reason to stick together and be controlled by politicians and priests still remains the constant "truth" of my beliefs.

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