What is the purpose of life?

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  • hoser

    The purpose of life. Just like any other plant or animal. We are born, we reproduce and we die.

  • Monrov

    Interesting. It seems that the positivists in this thread have difficulty grasping the concept of it as it perfectly describes their adamant notion toward the purpose of life and the reality that it is all theory at the core. To answer the underlying question, the purpose of life is an objective thing unique to everyone. If we go by nature though, the purpose of life for each and every being and creature on this earth is to survive in its habitat and or so they can produce offspring at the barest state. But then again, the method to this varies greatly among all living things.

  • nicolaou
    My crude definition of positivism is 5 posts before your first one. (page 4)

    My apologies, you meant this quote didn't you?

    I say positivism is the philosophical system that affirms the only valid knowledge is the scientific method

    In which case we are much closer than I first thought but your definition is still incomplete. It doesn't allow for logical deduction.

    (Small point. In longer topics, page numbers are nearly meaningless when posters can choose between 5, 10 or 20 posts per page.)

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    It's often interesting to note how our feelings can change about different things, and we can spend so much on this or that, thoughts on what we should or shouldn't have done. Or even thoughts on what we are going or not going to do. But sometimes the purpose of my life is just to let go of all the mental chatter and relax into the here and now. ( not such a simple task)

  • Ruby456

    john mann - thank you so much for that link - imo this is viv

    Since eliminative materialism claims that future research will fail to find a neuronal basis for various mental phenomena, it must necessarily wait for science to progress further. One might question the position on these grounds, but other philosophers like Churchland argue that eliminativism is often necessary in order to open the minds of thinkers to new evidence and better explanations.[3]

    so I guess in her own way she is holding out for keeping the mind open to new evidence and better explanations except she goes about it in a strange way - if she didn't I would willingly agree with her

  • Ucantnome

    my dog seemed to just enjoy life. I learnt a lot from her. In the end she had me throwing the ball and chasing after it while she barked.

  • John_Mann
    In which case we are much closer than I first thought but your definition is still incomplete. It doesn't allow for logical deduction.

    I used the generic term because there's a branch that only accepts or includes the acceptance of logic (philosophy). That's called Logical Positivism.

    There's a new term being used interchangeable to classical (from Comte) Positivism: Scientism.

    I don't think Cofty and Viviane are logical positivists because the philosophy of soul is presented with logical consistency and both deny the logical conclusion of the soul.

    They even can't admit the soul it's not a subject for the scientific method.

    They clearly advocates the universal use of scientific method and don't recognise any other form of knowledge as valid.

    I wonder what kind of Materialism they accept...

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    The purpose of life is sadly for some not silence :-)

  • slimboyfat

    Lots of good answers, but no one mentioned the right answer yet. I haven't got much time today.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Slim "Lots of good answers, but no one has mentioned the right answer yet. I haven't got much time today"

    The Rebel :- So slim the answer can be solved and presumably by you? Therefore please make it a talking point when you have time. Its a bizarre thought to even think Slim is to busy to tell us, maybe he is just keeping us in suspense?

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