What is the purpose of life?

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  • John_Mann
    "It just does", and "reality doesn't care"? Are these answers really all that different from, "it's a holy mystery"? They are the secular equivalent.


    If you don't accept mystery you cannot have it both ways.

  • slimboyfat
    Is it? Why? Given the two conditions you set up I'd expect just the sort of reality that we find ourselves in; one that is impersonal and not centred on the needs of the only* observers capable of understanding it to a reasonable extent.
    *There may of course be other observers in a galaxy far, far away . .

    There is nothing. Then there is a universe, then there is life, then there is consciousness, then there are humans who ask, "why am I here?" And you find none of this mysterious? Why all this instead of nothing?

    If anything, a reality without a supreme being seems even more mysterious to me!

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Life = sublime pointlessness.

  • nicolaou
    There is nothing. Then there is a universe, then there is life, then there is consciousness, then there are humans who ask, "why am I here?" And you find none of this mysterious?

    I find it staggering and humbling, truly I do. And I'm hoping for answers to some of the mysteries of life and the universe but that's not the sense of mystery you're speaking of is it Slim?

    Or have I misunderstood you?

  • nicolaou
    Why all this instead of nothing?

    Because stuff happens? Seriously, I think total nothingness would be a far trickier goal for the universe to achieve.

  • Viviane
    You said you want evidence that he Unicorn Sparkle Pony? exists? Well I will give you evidence. How about the fact that you and I and billions are actually alive and well on this Earth today without harm and are sufficient? If God Unicorn Sparkle Pony wanted to, he Unicorn Sparkle Pony can crush us with his finger hoof but he doesn't because he loves us. What about our own brain and the fact that our brain can have the ability to disbelieve in the Lord Unicorn Sparkle Pony should give us evidence that he Unicorn Sparkle Pony exists as if he didn't he Unicorn Sparkle Pony wouldn't have gave us that ability.

    All hail USP! Fixed to reflect the true faith of all man. It makes exactly as much sense.

    The complexity of our brain The Lord's brain as humans a spirit can only be through a designer.

    All hail Unicorn Sparkle Pony for revealing this truth! As the lord you worship is complex, it clearly must have had a designer. That designer is Unicorn Sparkle Pony.

    Christ Unicorn Sparkle Pony talked about having a moral conscience and that is something that just doesn't come into existence. You can also reference it with what Daniel PinkBerry Crunch said in chapter 6 verse 4 about what Jesus Unicorn Sparkle Pony talked about.

    All praise be to Unicorn Sparkle Pony for giving us the neighs and brays of his equine prophet, PinkBerry Crunch.

    Didn't mean to be angry at you, but when people denounce what you believe in so much, it makes you angry. But bless you and I hope he helps you see what's true.

    That's nutters. Obviously you need the true faith of Unicorn Sparkly Pony. It makes me so mad that you don't worship his equine glory! I am just helping you see what's true.

    You feel that belief in God is wrong and totally stupid because you yourself don't believe God exists, right?

    Wrong. Again, I specifically said this is NOT about faith. Why are you still lying?

    And don't tell me you don't because if you didn't you wouldn't be constantly saying I'm a nutterball.

    I believe I said "nutter butter", but regardless, your belief in god isn't why that's true.

    Well belief in God and doctrines is faith in which you don't think is right so you feel it's gracious to treat me and anyone who has it like we're beneath you or something.

    This statement tells me that, no matter what evidence you have for something or what reality is, you choose to ignore it. That's the "nutter butter" part. Not belief in god.

    This isn't dishonesty on my part as I've a firm believer and have no problem letting others know. You only say it's dishonest because you don't believe in God so stop saying I'm dishonest.

    I'll stop saying it when you stop lying.

    Your failure to see that you are in fact a positivist with not even courtesy to respect another's belief that's not your own is astonishing.

    You don't even know what posotivism is, much less anything about me. Thinking you do and are qualified to comment about me? Total nutter butter. Also, if you want your beliefs respected, have respectable beliefs. Such as believing the word of our lord and savior, Unicorn Sparkle Pony.

  • Viviane
    I don't think we can say it is impossible that God has good reasons that we don't know.

    And no one is saying that, again. It may well be true that there is an all loving invisible magical sky zombie that is omnipotent and omniscient that has a good reason for slaughtering billions of his children, creating untold terror, fear and hate. If true, it just makes him an asshole.

    Why is this so hard for you to grasp?

    The only time belief that actually deserves disrespect is when the faith in whatever is being malicious but all I'm doing and others on here are doing is letting people come to realize that we know God Unicorn Sparkle Pony exists and that he wants us to be aware of him but not just us but everyone alive today. If only more people thought about this though.

    Why do you deny the truth of Unicorn Sparkle Pony? If only you thought about this through.

    I can assure you that I'm not interested in a contest of this kind.

    Of course not. It's natural to fear what you don't understand.

    Atheists and theists have ideological enemies in common, like Nihilism.

    "Atheists" are not a group with a set of common beliefs. All it means is they lack belief in a god, goddess, gods, goddesses, spirits, demons, fairies, etc.

    This choice can only be made while we are alive. After death your intentions throughout your life will be fixed in your soul forever with no turning back.

    Wait, so your invisible magical sky zombie hides himself and give us no evidence so we can choose willingly to believe in an invisible magical sky zombie with no evidence and, if we don't, we get eternal torture?

    Wow, you're invisible magical sky zombie is an asshole. That's why you should worship Unicorn Sparkle Pony. He's not an asshole.

    Freedom of choice needs total privacy too, that's why your mental intentions cannot be read by anyone. You have total privacy about your deepest thoughts/intentions.

    I was getting worried. You hadn't said anything nutter butter for a while, good to see you're OK.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I think total nothingness would be a far trickier goal for the universe to achieve - I like the thinking behind this statement.

    I wish I had the knowledge to either affirm or challenge this statement.

    P.S. Unicorn Sparkle Pony sounds like a twat ...

  • cofty

    John_Mann I just wanted to say thanks for the conversation.

    I would like to pick it up again later.

  • John_Mann
    You could argue all those points either way, but the point is that we can conceive of situations in human interactions where people with greater power (such as parents) impose real suffering on others for reasons they can't understand, but that with greater perspective is for the good.

    This reminds me the story of the Taoist farmer:

    This farmer had only one horse, and one day the horse ran away. The neighbors came to condole over his terrible loss. The farmer said, "What makes you think it is so terrible?"

    A month later, the horse came home--this time bringing with her two beautiful wild horses. The neighbors became excited at the farmer's good fortune. Such lovely strong horses! The farmer said, "What makes you think this is good fortune?"

    The farmer's son was thrown from one of the wild horses and broke his leg. All the neighbors were very distressed. Such bad luck! The farmer said, "What makes you think it is bad?"

    A war came, and every able-bodied man was conscripted and sent into battle. Only the farmer's son, because he had a broken leg, remained. The neighbors congratulated the farmer. "What makes you think this is good?" said the farmer.

    And so on...

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