Protect Your Family??

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  • Listener

    "During the great tribulation, Christians will rely on Jehovah and not try to defend themselves."

    They've gone mad. In the bunker video they opened the door voluntarily to armed men. Are the Elders being asked to keep contacts of everyone to make it easier for officials to find them? It's strange that they huddled together in one spot, unarmed and willing to not defend themselves.

    During the so called 'GT' all the Government needs to do is issue a demand for all JWs to go to a specified place and as law abiding citizens, they'll come running.

  • eyeuse2badub

    So I was approached by our PO 20 years ago or so because I owned(and still own)a hand gun. It's a 9mm for protection and for just the fun of owning it.

    In his self righteous way he pointed out to me that it was not scriptural to own a weapon. So of course I asked why and he gave me some of the 'boiler plate' scriptures in this Question from Readers article. So after listening politely, I asked him who created weapons in the first place. "Satan" was his answer. I said "good guess" and I then pointed him to the bible book of Genesis where it plainly says that jehober placed "the flaming blade of a sword that was turning continuously" to guard or protect the garden of eden. Sounded like a weapon to me!

    just saying!

  • mann377

    So if we don't have a gun to protect ourselves we should call on someone who has a gun (police) to protect us. The WTBS would do this in a heart beat if trouble happened at Warwick.

    Jesus didn't tell Peter to throw the sword away, but to just put it back into the sheath. Jesus was well aware that Peter had the sword.

    For those thinking of fading this would be a way of getting out of responsibility. Let the elders know you have a gun and bam! you no longer are a elder or MS.

  • stillin

    Jesus could have summoned a legion of angels when he was being crucified. But he didn't. Why? Because he had to lay down his life to purchase mankind. But we aren't Jesus. And my life is worth more than any rapists' or meth head.

    Given a choice to pull a trigger in a situation like that, it's a no-brainer.

  • _Morpheus

    So let me get this strait.. protection from animals is ok but protection from humans isnt... so human life is important enough to save from animal attack but not important enough to save from other human attack?

  • waton
    And my life is worth more than any rapists' or meth head.

    and you would be doing "God's" job that should be protecting your family, and of course the rapist will be resurrected, then minus his wherewithals to do it with, - his natural parts drive, but,

    sadly if you defended your daughter with sufficient force, caliber, you would be in trouble with the police monopoly, even if you botched the job.

    so much for thr Moltke doctrine of defence, " [preventative] Attack is the best defence".
  • FedUpJW

    ....weapons are best kept unloaded, perhaps even disassembled, and safely locked away.

    A huge WTF statement. An unloaded, taken down, locked up firearm is....a paperweight! Another flip-flop by WT. While they always have been pretty well against firearms, with no genuinely logical reason, they continually flip-flop on whether or not someone is "permitted' to defend themselves or their family. I guess when you live in a multi-million dollar secured compound it is easy to spout the BS that this answer contains.

    I'd face God on judgement day with my head held high and eyes straight ahead if I were to have to use violent means including the use of a firearm to protect myself or family! Better to ask forgiveness than permission. And better to be judged by twelve than carried by six! When seconds count, the police are only minutes away!

  • FedUpJW

    *** g 6/08 p. 11 When Is Self-Defense Justified? ***
    On the other hand, what if a person’s life is threatened by an assailant? A law that God gave to ancient Israel sheds light on this. If a thief was caught in the daytime and was killed, the assailant would be charged with murder. This was evidently because thievery did not carry the death penalty and the thief could have been identified and brought to justice. However, if an intruder was fatally struck at night, the householder could be exonerated because it would be difficult for him to see what the intruder was doing and to ascertain the intentions of the intruder. The householder could reasonably conclude that his family was under threat of harm and take defensive action.—Exodus 22:2, 3.
    The Bible thus indicates that a person may defend himself or his family if physically assaulted. He may ward off blows, restrain the attacker, or even strike a blow to stun or incapacitate him. The intention would be to neutralize the aggression or stop the attack. This being the case, if the aggressor was seriously harmed or killed in such a situation, his death would be accidental and not deliberate.

    So was this article BS? Or was this new QFR BS? Oh I KNOW...I KNOW...PICK ME. It's ALL BS!

    I legally carry a firearm, and will not hesitate to use it to protect myself or family against any vicious animal, even IF that animal walks on two legs!

  • Done

    Never saw the 'keep it unloaded and disassembled' comment before. Must be some of that brighter light

    Been over it again and again when I was in. Now ex wife repeatedly went to the elders about the guns I own.

    Every time, usually a different elder takes me in the back, 'why do you own guns, we know you don't hunt?'

    Recreational target practice at a range was my scripted answer.

    'well, why do you have a concealed carry permit then?'

    Because I know the laws, and have taken safety courses. I can legally carry the gun in my truck to and from the range without a concealed carry permit. But what would happen if I have to go to the bathroom on the way home, or stop for lunch? Then I'm not going directly to or from the range to home, and it would put me in violation of the law.

    One day we were out doing errands in my vehicle and she caught site of a safe under my drivers seat. What's in that she asked. My 45.

    Yup next meeting in the back room, why do you carry a gun everywhere you go?

    Oh I went to the range yesterday and got called into work before I got home. Forgot to take it back in the house. Good thing I have a concealed carry permit and a locking safe in my truck.

    Only way I'd keep an unloaded disassembled gun around is if was broken.

  • _Morpheus

    My smith 686 .357 revolver dosent dissemble and those damn bullets just keep jumping into the cylinder

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