Protect Your Family??

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  • GLTirebiter

    By accepting the role as head of a family, you assume an obligation to protect your wife, children, and other vulnerable members of your household. Wielding obviously effective tools are for doing makes it less likely that you will need to employ them (Dobermans are much more effective deterrents than kittens).

  • LongHairGal


    I was reading an article about what happened when the economy collapsed in Argentina some years back. Very scary stuff! Terrible things happened. People needed to be armed!

    It's easy for the guys in the JW religion to spout their opinion in their armchairs living in a secure place (and in the US where there is a functioning police force to protect them). What would happen if some situation caused social unrest and insecurity? What then?

    Hopefully for them, they will never get to find out and they can live out their lives in relative peace, never needing armed protection that people in other areas need to stay alive.

  • Tech49

    LHG, I completely agree with you. I find it morally wrong and insulting when the same dimwits spout personal opinion, and in the same paragraph, insinuate HIGHLY that their words are now to be taken as RULES and LAW, as defined by a select few, or one, cherry-picked scripture. They never come right out and say it, but you are definitely left and/or forced to come to the same ¨conclusion¨ as them, to ascertain what is ¨right¨.... or you are thrown in the mix with descriptive words that are definitely that of a negative tone: Unchristian, immature, mentally diseased, apostate, etc.

    I just get so tired of the double-talk and the style of writing that talks down to anyone who might try and think on their own! All topics and discussions from the GB lately seems to be heavily salted with fear, guilt, and general name-calling.

    As you mentioned, the natural desire to be self-protective, and to have genuine empathy and compassion, is being beaten out of the ¨brothers and sisters¨ to the point of them becoming truly and honestly broken!

    Broken to such a degree that they let themselves be eaten alive! Its frustrating and so sad, all at the same time.

  • Crazyguy

    I think we all can think of a case in our past where we heard of a brother or sister that was assaulted or attacked etc.. a relative of mine was raped in her own home by an intruder another sister was staying and her blood sisters home and slept on the couch. A man broke in and assaulted her, he was chased out of the house and down the street for awhile by her sisters husband when he was awakened by the noise. He stopped the chase after a bit because he was naked and probably not catching up to the man. The girl a young woman in her late teens or early 20s was beaten so badly her brain swelled and I'm not sure of her final fate. Maybe a gun could not do much is these examples but who knows. I'm willing to bet if I broke into the GB residents and was on my way to find and kill them that someone on their staff would produce a weapon!

  • Xanthippe
    Bible principles. These advise against the use of carnal weapons, such as handguns, rifles, or other firearms, for protection against other humans."

    Are we talking about the same book? The one that encouraged the pillaging of Canaanite towns, slaughtering every man, woman, child, babe in arms and domestic animal. They were protecting themselves alright, against these people who dared to trespass in their promised land. Slaughtered the lot of them.

  • pale.emperor

    In Jehovah’s eyes, life—especially human life—is sacred. The psalmist David knew that Jehovah “is the source of life.” (Psalm 36:9) Hence, if a Christian chooses to take reasonable measures to defend himself or his property, he would do everything in his power to avoid taking a human life and becoming bloodguilty.—Deuteronomy 22:8; Psalm 51:14.

    Yet you should reject a blood transfusion, because the symbol of life is more important than the actual life right?

    [Footnote.] * A Christian might decide to own a firearm (such as a rifle or a shotgun) for hunting animals for food or for protection against wild animals. When not in use, though, such weapons are best kept unloaded, perhaps even disassembled, and safely locked away. Where gun ownership is illegal, restricted, or regulated in some other way, Christians obey the law.—Romans 13:1. [End of Footnote.]

    Very patronizing tone don't you think? Like we needed permission first to these things? Like a previous poster said, if your home is being invaded by rapists and thieves your gun isn't gonna be much help disassembled in the garage is it?

    When Jesus told his followers to equip themselves with swords on the final night of his life on earth, he did not have protection in mind. (Luke 22:36, 38) Rather, Jesus had them bring a sword for an object lesson to teach them not to resort to violence, even when confronted by an armed crowd. (Luke 22:52) After Peter wielded one of the swords against the high priest’s slave, Jesus commanded Peter: “Return your sword to its place.” Then Jesus stated a fundamental truth, a principle that guides his followers to this day: “All those who take up the sword will perish by the sword.”—Matthew 26:51, 52.

    No evidence for this at all. Jesus tells them to take a sword with them. And if they dont have one to sell their cloak and buy one. If i were alive in Judea in AD30 you can be your life i'll be carrying a sword at all times. Especially in a garden at night. Wild animals my ass, robbers and murderers galore back then.

    Christians consider life to be far more valuable than material things. “Life does not result from the things [a man] possesses.” (Luke 12:15) Thus, if a mild tongue fails to stop an armed robber, wise Christians heed the principle embodied in Jesus’ words: “Do not resist the one who is wicked.” It may even require that we give up our inner and outer garments, so to speak. (Matthew 5:39, 40; Luke 6:29) *

    Yes, if a rapist wants to take your wife or daughter, and he doesnt stop when you ask him nicely - you should just let him. Heaven forbid you might be bloodguilty for caving his head in. I'd have zero guilt on my conscience for putting a rapist 10 feet under.

    [Footnote.] * Regarding the matter of defending oneself against rape, see the article “How to Prevent Rape” in the March 8, 1993, issue of Awake! [End of Footnote.]

    The best strategy, of course, is prevention. If we shun “the showy display of [our] means of life” and are known by our neighbors as peace-loving Witnesses of Jehovah, we may avoid being targeted by violent criminals.—1 John 2:16; Proverbs 18:10.

    Yes, it's your fault for having nice things in the first place brothers! No wonder they wanted to rob you. If only you'd live simply and sent all your cash to us this wouldnt have happened.

    Christians respect others’ consciences. (Romans 14:21) If it became known that a member of the congregation kept a gun for protection against humans, some fellow believers might be shocked, even stumbled. Love moves us to put others’ interests ahead of our own, even when that means putting aside what we may feel is a legal right.—1 Corinthians 10:32, 33; 13:4, 5.

    In other words, if some interfering busybody in the congregation doesn't like you owning a gun you should get rid of it. Put others interests ahead of our own? What sort of life is that?

    Christians strive to be exemplary. (2 Corinthians 4:2; 1 Peter 5:2, 3) After receiving Scriptural counsel, a Christian who continues to keep a gun for protection against other humans could not be considered exemplary. He would therefore not qualify for responsibilities or special privileges in the congregation. The same applies to a Christian who continues to carry a firearm as part of his secular work. How much better to seek other employment! *

    Same for sporting a beard. Its your choice, but just so you know, you wont be considered to be an exemplary christian even though you may be the most loving, giving, kind person on the planet.


  • waton
    it may even require that we give up our inner and outer garments, so to speak.

    Yeah, the outer and inner underwear of your daughter, when she is assaulted by a rapist intruder, that could, should have been stopped earlier by a well placed defensive action.

    "--remember the rapist is a human,--"

    I beg to differ, the rapists are dangerous animals, wearing convincing disguises, to be dealt with accordingly. swiftly.

  • zeb


  • zeb

    Having seen the wt in action at the ARC and on other occasions I draw the conclusion that this obsession with making YOU the victim is more about keeping themselves from having to defend you even just in print for defending yourself. Ie its about defending their money pile.

  • nowwhat?

    Having a gun is the same as oral sex don't ask don't tell. Just another example of of being in a high control cult That micro manages your life. "Oh we don't have rules we live by principles" my ass!

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