Good books to read?

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  • slimboyfat

    What's that?

    The philosophy I like best is pragmaitism as explained by Richard Rorty. Some would call it relativism but that's mostly pejorative.

  • slimboyfat
    I have read the books I mentioned, all of them. And I explained my reasons for my views. I went through the boring Dawkins, Pinker, Harris, Hitchens phase. Then I tired of it that's all. You've not read the Derrida that you dismiss. And you call me a liar. And you say I have made factual errors without showing where. Pretty comprehensive.
  • cofty

    Just one or two glaring examples..

    Better Angels of Our Nature seems to argue that because humans have got less violent therefore humans get less violent as time goes on. That's a fatal leap in the dark. Fact is humanity could easily destroy itself entirely tomorrow.

    If you bothered to read to the end you would have read Pinker's eloquent discussion of this very point. Are you lazy or dishonest?

    Sam Harris's idea of ethics is we should nuke Muslims and feel good about it.

    That is a gross misrepresentation of Harris as I suspect you are well aware.

    He says religion is bad but Buddhism's alright

    He is critical of Buddhism but is capable of seeing the usefulness of some "spiritual" practice in telling us things about conscious experience.

    Ben Carson understands foreign policy better than Chomsky.

    He has contempt for Carson. However he acknowledges that right wing nutters like Carson are more aware of the dangers of Islamic fascism than the regressive left.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I say read Dawkins, Derrida, Pinker and all the rest. . . . .

    Your mind is free. Read what you want.

  • slimboyfat

    Pinker may discuss the point but he does not address the fact it undermines the inevitably of progress.

    Sam Harris says that if an Islamic state gets nuclear weapons we should do a first strike. That's what he says.

    Sam Harris praises Buddhism despite kamakase and suicide bombers? Why? Because his agenda is US right wing as much as it is materialist. Muslims are the enemy not Buddhists facts be damned.

    Chomsky has Encyclopedia knowledge of the Middle East. Carson when asked to name an ally in the Middle East counldn't. He's Sarah Palin ignorant, and Harris prefers Carson over Chomsky. It figures.

  • slimboyfat
    Yeah I say read it all too. By all means go through the Ditchkins (word coined by Terry Eagleton for Dawkins and Hitchens and their ilk) phase, just don't get stuck there.
  • azor

    Slimboyfat the OP asked for book recommendations. You came on here slamming recommendations made by others and then made your own. That is an a**hole move. If that's what your about I have no inretest in your recommendations and doubt others will either.

    And here I thought it was a good thing you were back. If this is how you comport yourself I wonder if it might be better for you to run off in another tantrum.

    Now can we get back to the book recommendations?

  • cofty
    Sam Harris praises Buddhism despite kamakase (sic) and suicide bombers?

    Kamikaze pilots were Shinto but don't let facts get in the way - oh I forgot there are no facts in your world so you are free to make stuff up to suit your ideology.

  • Diogenesister
    Slimboy ...... Those books sure are the straight dope...Foucault, Derrida? Wow, not to sound condescending but the guys just escaped the clutches of the WT..maybe he needs to walk before running no?!
  • fulltimestudent

    In attempting to understand the development of early Christianity, Bart Ehrman's collection of post NT documents is quite helpful:

    After the New Testament: A Reader in Early Christianity. - Oxford University Press

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