Good books to read?

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  • slimboyfat

    Yes azor you are right I go about it the wrong way. But Cofty regularly dismisses Derrida and others I suggest while freely admitting he's not read anything. I've actually read the stuff he promotes, so I can engage with it on specifics.

    The JW approach is empiricist too. They claim the evidence supports their view. There are other ways of approaching things than purely empirical.

    Nietzsche said something like, evidence is like the decoy the trickster uses when he wants to conceal what's really going on. Evidence isn't everything. Who determines the meanings of the terms the empiricist uses? Often that's a better question.

  • talesin
  • slimboyfat
    Cofty are Hitchens and me both factually wrong about Buddhist kamikaze? As you claimed I was earlier in the thread.
  • azor

    Panpsychism more interesting than a 800 page book on how the murder rate is down. I can't imagine what type of grades you received on your book reports. Your summary is atrocious.

    I know plenty of young adults that prefer reading comic books and mythology as well. Panpsycism strikes me as in the same family as comic books. I would not be voicing this had it not been for your original slam on the authors made by you.

    Just make your recommendation and let it be. What a prick.

    Are you gonna run away now or do you need some more from several others here. I cant stand arrogant pricks like you. Come on a forum like this and spew their bs and turn and run when it gets to hot.

  • Diogenesister
    Chomsky has Encyclopedia knowledge of the Middle East. Carson when asked to name an ally in the Middle East counldn't. He's Sarah Palin ignorant, and Harris prefers Carson over Chomsky. It figures.

    Really? I have zero time for the regressive left but that is not good...he prefers Carson?

    BTW... Ditchkins....listen girlfriend you can do what ya want with the others but I'll scratch your eyes out for my Christopher!! (Oh and maybe Dennet if I could understand him!)

  • azor

    To claim that jws are empiricists is utterly ridiculous. That tells me you don't know what empiricism is. Falsifiable evidence.

    You quote Nietsche. A premier example of regressive liberalism. The man who equates the accidental killing of innocents with intentional killing of them. If the world listened to that idiot we would be living in an apocalyptic world or one ruled by caliphate.

  • slimboyfat

    "Let it be... are you gonna run away?"

    Make up your mind azor.

    But you are right in what you say and I have said I go about it wrong. Panpsychism however is an interesting idea, whose time may yet come again. Just because materialism is orthodoxy don't make it right.


  • slimboyfat
    Cofty in that clip Harris says he doesn't advocate a first strike. Yet in his book Harris advocated a first strike. Go figure.
  • cofty
    But Cofty regularly dismisses Derrida and others I suggest while freely admitting he's not read anything - SBF

    I never comment on Derrida or others since I haven't read them. I comment specifically on things you say.

    The JW approach is empiricist too

    They are thoroughly dishonest in pretending to be empiricist. Their beliefs rely 100% on appeal to false authority. I'm amazed you fell for that.

    Evidence isn't everything
    In areas of what is true it is everything.
    he prefers Carson - Diog

    No he does not. He thinks Carson is an imbecile but he observed that Carson understands the dangers of Islamic fascism better than the regressive left.

    SBF goes out his way to misrepresent anybody he disagrees with.

  • cofty
    Yet in his book Harris advocated a first strike

    That is the sort of lie the Watchtower tells frequently.

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