What's The First "Worldly" Thing You Did When You Exited The Cult?

by pale.emperor 58 Replies latest jw experiences

  • baker

    said Happy Birthday on all FB friends when they came up. Sneaky way to notify all

  • Zaccheus

    Moved to a hippie farm

    Lived homeless a few years and travelled the country

    Worked for a soup kitchen

    Became a coffee house bum

    Hugged a lot of trees

  • ShirleyW

    If you think about it, the prohibited JW things you did after you left or the same things some JWs do while they still claim to be a faithful servant of Jehovah, but they'er doing it behind closed doors, sometimes, some of them have been caught. I worked with a sister who was a smoker on my first ever job, don't remember what she brought up about the JWs that caught my ear but I told my mother that I should report her to the elders, for some reason my Uber dub mother wasn't all for that, but I remember at our Circuit Assembly we found the elders from the sisters Cong and I told them her name and her offense, I was just a teen at the time, I bet they probably didn't do a damn thing.

  • Simon

    Voted, celebrated xmas and birthdays with the kids.

    Yeah, all the wild stuff.

    I still haven't done half the things that people at the KH seemed to do on a regular basis.

  • freddo

    I haven't exited or even faded (I have mentally of course) but I suppose buying Crisis of Conscience and having it on my bookshelf is pretty much up there.

  • Simon
    I suppose buying Crisis of Conscience and having it on my bookshelf is pretty much up there.

    "Stone the infidel !!" LOL

  • Freeandclear

    The very first thing I did was go out and get myself a girlfriend. Sweet relief finally. lol

  • undercover

    For me, there was no 'line in the sand' going from 'in' to 'out'. It was a gradual thing. And as a fader, sometimes it's little things that are actually experssions of rebellion or freedom. Like, leaving at the break between the Public Talk and the WT Study. Then it's skipping Thrusday night meetings.

    I remember the last time I went in service, and I quit early that morning, and said to myself that I was never knocking on doors again, trying to sell religion... and I stuck to it. So in a way that was the first thing, even before I had made the conscious decision that I was in a cult.

  • Vidiot

    Couldn't tell you.

    I did things that could be labelled "worldly" long before I exited.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The first defiant thing I did as soon as I left was to go on a university course on paleoanthropology.

    My marriage had been dead for years because of my religious scepticism but my children were still youngish so I remained with them. About a year or so later, stolen weekends away with a female JW "unbeliever" was akin to becoming restored back to humanity....sweet salvation!

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