What's The First "Worldly" Thing You Did When You Exited The Cult?

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  • pale.emperor

    When you finally and officially exited the cult, whether it be by disfellowshipping, disassociating or fading - what was the first things you did that are considered "worldly"?

    For me, it was like crash landing on another planet that looked like earth but was completely different to the earth i knew. I wanted to learn everything that i thought i already knew.

    First things i did:

    Joined the labour party

    Read The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

    Read Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Nietzsche

    Caught the philosophy bug because of Nietzsche and read Sartre

    Studied buddhism in a big way

    Stopped praying before meals as i no longer believe in god/gods/goddesses (i still have to stop myself sometimes, it was so ingrained in my to pray before eating)

    Watched the exorcist

    Joined a life drawing class

    Started studying for A levels

    Charity work

    It's safe to say that im a happier, more outgoing, more honest and content person since my exit. Even witnesses that are supposed to be shunning me have commented on the change in me. One even said "You look happy in this world. But arnt you sorry for leaving? You're acting like your not sorry." They're right. Im not sorry. Not at all.

  • Sanchy

    First thing things I did to celebrate my freedom were:

    -Bought a lottery ticket

    -Bought and smoked a nice dark Cigar

  • Giordano

    I really let my hair down and started smoking............a pipe!

    Then one evening entertaining friends at our home, I had my fair share of wine and was expanding on my point of view and forgot I had a lite pipe in my mouth....... trust me that can happen.......and it fell out of my mouth flipped over sending hot ash into my lap. I looked down to see where the pipe was going and thought "this is not going to end well." And yes my crotch was smoking a bit until I got the fire out.

    Since my intention was to impress our new worldly friends I looked around and said. "There was a point I wanted to make so now that I am no longer on fire allow me to continue'.

    You say self important shit like that when your a pipe smoker.

    We did try to go to Woodstock but my uber JW Mom wouldn't baby sit our 2 year old son so we missed out.


  • Onager

    I smoked... have now stopped

    I drank a LOT. have now stopped.

    Took loads of mind bending drugs. have now stopped.

    Is this because I'm more mature now and disapprove of such things? Hell no! I had a kid!

    Just not poss. With said kid,

    In twenty years time though, when he's moved out, I'm going to go buck wild!

  • blondie

    No need to try smoking, I had been breathing second hand smoke of my parents for years and had no desire to try it first hand.

    I did lots of things pre-exit.

    Did not choose to drink myself in a stupor though (or drive in that state)

    I was already reading what I wanting, watching movies, tv shows, etc., making choices based on my wishes.

    I remember the illustration of being in the WTS is like being a spring too tightly held that springs out out of control, damaging itself and things around it. Let that spring go slowly, don't hurt yourself (or others).

  • snugglebunny

    Smoked a cigar.

    Gave out Christmas cards.

    Grew my hair long.

    Visited casinos.

    Went to a disco and danced with a strange girl to "Brown Sugar".

    Watched a blue movie.

    Went to a boxing match.

  • JW On The Loose
    JW On The Loose

    My husband and I went to a birthday party with some folks we went to school with. We drank a little too much and we danced the night away.

  • Tallon

    Completed higher education and obtained Chartered membership of my profession

    Now I enjoy living life on my own terms and no longer having to jump to the Orgs whims.

  • DJS

    Sane and sober. Kept being no. 1 dad. Made good decisions. Back to college for the next 5 years. Holidays. And lots and lots of girl parts.

  • ToesUp

    Not too much here. We are pretty boring. We just continued on with our life. We enjoy life and each other. We enjoyed life prior to our exit but unloading the cult was VERY good for our emotional well being. Getting the "toxins" out of your life is a great feeling.

    We have allowed our children the freedom to be "normal." Hanging out with their friends (great kids), going to supervised parties and pursuing goals and learning. Just the ordinary things, ordinary people do.

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