Caption This Photo From The January Study Edition

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  • Alive!

    No one at the memorial is actually looking at the guy taking the emblem. No one.

    Very telling.

    Exactly Steve - and the most prominent face ( the one with the glasses) has a strongly shaped turned down mouth.

    The mouth of the partaker looks a little weak..... Just my impression, maybe I'm overanalysing or maybe my intuition is spot on!

  • Alive!

    Hold on - the many stories coming out of this staged shot are soooooo obvious.

    No, bugger it - I'm NOT overanalysing - my first impression was where it is.

    Guess I'm easy to teach....

  • prologos
    I wonder if the apostles had similar sombi stares as the wine was passed. Here is the greatest sacrament of the christian religion, and look at the wt version. they are showing their aversion.
  • Esse quam videri
  • Naoscillator
    It's brilliantly Orwellian stuff to work both ends of the reaction spectrum. "Hey! DON'T JUDGE the possibly mentally ill or Christendom-influenced alzheimer's patient nibbling just outside your eyeline... that's GOD'S job!!"
  • TheOldHippie
    "Who wants to join a religion where they admit to having thousands of questionable members on record?

    Would you let you or your family or your children associate in a group with thousands of mentally unstable ones?"

    Exactly. That is why I would never join the Catholic or Protestant religion.

  • Xanthippe

    "I miss the Memorial talks describing the six-inch nails in Jesus' hands and the agony he suffered for us. Those were the days.........."

  • punkofnice
    Here. Have this back. It's stale. Bring me another.
  • Room 215
    Room 215
    It's a desperate propaganda ploy to stifle any inclination for new partakers act on their feelings and slam the brakes on the recent embarrassing upsurge in nibblers and imbibers.
  • brandnew
    Caption.......GOT SALSA ?

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