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  • smiddy

    In the 1950`s there was an article in a Melbourne newspaper , possibly the : Herald" or the" Sun" Victoria , Aust. that showed a map originating in Indonesia of Australia , and all places had Indonesian names attached to them .

    Had the leaders of Indonesia at that time contemplated invading Australia ? Is it a possability in the future ?

    Australia is recognized as a vast mineral resource , while being under populated .

    Is it just a question of sooner or later ? The population of Indonesia compared to the population of Australia.?

    Australia is more aligned with Asia , geographically , not the USA or England .England was quite prepared to sacrifice half of Australia to the Japanese in WW2 , it was only the USA that came to our aid.

    In the future the USA may not be in a position or have the will to come to our aid .

    Our future like it or not is with the Asian nations sooner or later .


  • barry

    Not necessary to be afraid of Indonesia. Indonesia has no military the large number of soldiers they have is to keep peace in their own country.

    The Indonesians would have to go to great expense to invade Australia and the north would be a dangerous place to be with nothing to take of military value and our air force pounding them.

    Our armed forces have done numerous computer studies to demonstrate different scenarios if an attack occurred also Aussie companies service Indonesian war ships.

    I don't think Australia has the slightest concern about security I think we would be more worried about China but then the Australian thinking is that Indonesia is a buffer against China.

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