Living with Islam

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  • freemindfade

    What if history repeating itself us Islam torturing and killing in the name of God. History repeating itself does have to be the same religion. Islam is repeating the past mistakes of Christianity if you will. But when they were burning heritics and killing unbelievers most people were illiterate and it was totally the people doing it. Now most can read the bible and decide for themselves jesus didn't tell his followers to behead infidels as Mohammed did.

    Can someone tell me is it possible for one book or one religion to be more inflammatory or dangerously interpreted than the other? Or are they exactly the same?

  • freemindfade

    Also not sure what history repeating itself has to do with the danger of islamic ideas?

    A religion is only as good as its leadership

    JW has the gb

    Catholics have the pope

    Islam has Extremists for leadership

    Now you tell me how to fix that? Many world religions have softened with the leadership. The leadership of Islam is NOT the moderates. The leadership still promotes ideas that are harmful to women, homosexuals, unbelievers, and apostates. Like physically harmful.

  • jws

    For all you may say about Indonesia, it is a moderate Islamist country, where many people hold more secular opinions.

    People are moving along. Even religions have often cherry picked the scriptures to get a more secular notion of a religion to follow. For example, many Christians ignore the parts of the Bible on slavery. We wouldn't think of stoning others. So religions can conveniently skip over what they want to.

    I think the more modern, civilized nations bring that out and religion can turn into the best force it can be.

    However, the fundamentalists tend to mess it all up. Insisting on following and believing all of it. Christian, Jew, Muslim, whatever.

  • freemindfade

    I'm sure plenty here have read the bible, or major parts of it. How many are as familiar with the quran?

    I'd have to say if there was a hate scale the Quran would be worse than the bible. And when taken as literal is more encouraging of proactive murder of unbelievers etc. And again the leadership pushes the ideology and Islam radicals are the leadership, can anyone tell me different?

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    And, I don't care what you might say, I have yet to hear of a Christian group of any significant influence come out and say they are "into executing/imprisoning gays..."

    The man below, Kevin Swanson, held a conference which was attended by Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal. These politicians would not associate themselves with these wackos unless they have some political clout.

    This man is Bryan Fischer who has been sought out for interviews by Republican politicians like Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich.

    These people are examples of "Theonomists" (Kevin Swanson) the Christian equivalence of Islam's Salafists and Christian Nationalists (Bryan Fischer) who are less extreme but still mandate imprisonment for violating biblical law.

    If you don't believe that these people have any political influence on Republican politics it's because the media doesn't take them seriously. I suggest going to for a few minutes each day to see what these psychos and their Republican political counterparts are saying and doing.

  • freemindfade
    Village idiot. These guys aren't going anywhere. I'm sorry but they aren't. The fact they merely exist means little. What is your point??? Religions is full of dangerous bad ideas can you admit one might be more dangerous than another?
  • cappytan
    If you believe that these dim wits DO have significant influence, you are a Village Idiot.
  • barry

    Swanson doesn't advocate the death penalty for gays but Islam does.

    These men are clearly very extreme and only represent themselves.

  • Simon

    The important difference is whether people respect the law and the democratic process or think that guns and bullets should let them have their theocracy.

    Anyone can make a case for anything. As long as there is a fair vote and good reporting there is less to be concerned about. The problem with Islamists is they want to impose their rule regardless of what others want.

    Being opposed to homosexuality is a right. Killing or even discriminating isn't and we've already had examples of where our courts are rightly willing to step in when the religious overreach.

    It's the checks and control systems that make our society better and both protects our freedoms and protects us from other people's freedoms.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    FMF, my point is that this nation is slowly but surely sinking into a religious hell hole. Yes Islam is a problem but we have our own demons just starting to awaken.

    Below is Bryan Fischer, spokesman for the American Family Association. He has a viewership of several hundred thousand (and those at his level of cognition far exceed those numbers). You've seen a glimpse of his views above and below you see the Republican politicians who are dying to be seen with him. Why?

    We should all be familiar with these people since they can impact this nation.

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