Climate Change - True Believer or Skeptic?

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I believe the climate can change because paleontology shows us it has.

    I do not believe that human activity can cause a climate change because Al Gore says it can.

    Remember that Al and Tipper wanted to censor your rock n' roll records back in the day -- or have you already forgiven them since they invented the internet?

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    A healthy dose of skepticism is always a good idea.

    My take is that even if we are only 50% responsible for the warming of the planet we need to take steps right now to change our behaviour.

    If the science is right, the Antarctic ice core samples provide fairly compelling evidence. They have samples that are around 800 thousand years old and the gas samples taken show the atmosphere goes through an incredibly stable cycle every 100 thousand years, where the co2 levels rise and fall. Until the 1950s, when the co2 levels break out of cycle. Coincidentally, it's also the decade that humans started driving gas guzzlers en masse and airline industry started taking off.

    The sea levels are rising, expanding is probably a more accurate description and if the Antarctic ice sheet starts melting, then it's game over.

    Unlike other interested parties, what do climate scientists have to gain by publishing their research?

  • Simon
    Oh I'm all for taxing the rich, they're the ones who fucked up the environment to begin with, they should pay to fix it. If that's what it comes down to and they start trying to make the rest of us pay to clean up their mess, I aint down for that.

    Except they won't really be the ones to pay.

    Often it seems that money is taken from people in the form of extra charges to cover "climate costs" and the money is given to a plethora of political cronies in the guise of climate consultants and startups with connections (who always fail to deliver anything - the money "evaporates"). Nothing seems to actually cause any change to happen.

    Here in Canada we now pay $$$'s extra a year on heating bills ... do they expect people not to heat their homes?

    The rich are not the ones who pay, the poor do.

  • mikeflood

    It's not just putting recklessly all those gases in the atmosphere that are interacting in ways that we really don't know with the Earth, it is also polluting the planet with plastics, chemicals and other things....guess we're in a big experiment, call me in 100 years, not gonna be here is people's attitude.

  • Simon

    Another example that makes me skeptical: media companies such as NBC promote climate change and the alarmist notion that Manhattan will be under water in 10 years. Months later, they move into a new HQ ... in Manhattan!

    Same goes for people promoting rising sea levels ... from their luxury beachfront properties.

    Their lips are moving, words are coming out but their actions say they don't really believe it.

  • john.prestor

    You and me don't disagree on that Simon, the rich hardly ever pay for their mistakes because the rich run everything, the government, the courts, even the environmental agencies. It's not a matter of whether they believe it or not, it's a matter of whether they intend to do anything about it. I'm with you on that, they don't care, but they want the rest of us to care because then they don't have to foot the bill.

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Skepticism is a demand for evidence.

    If you want evidence that our oceans and atmosphere are warming at an unprecedented rate compared to anytime in history - then there are dozens and dozens of scientific papers I can point you to. And if you want evidence that releasing CO2 into our atmosphere is the driving cause of this temperature increase - then there are yet more scientific papers I can point you to.

    However, if the purpose of this thread is just for you to bash MSNBC - and for liberals to turn around and bash Fox News - then can we all just agree CNN sucks and be done with it?

  • cofty

    The climate has changed many times in the history of earth. The difference this time is that the additional factor of human activity is pushing the change further and faster than ever before.

    I think there have been examples of fear-mongering, exaggeration, dishonesty and opportunism. However that doesn't change the underlying fact that we are in trouble.

    The thing that annoys me is the way that we are guilt-tripped into making the most trivial changes 'to save the planet' when the real causes are elsewhere. China and India make our contribution to global warming look insignificant. Sometimes it feels like turning up to help after an tsunami with a dustpan and brush.

  • wozza

    C'mon Simon why does it always come down to two teams ,believer or skeptic ? I want to sit on the fence coz I know that picking a team won't make one bit of fucking difference to the world .

    As can be seen from the comments so far the rich don't give a fuck ,never have unless there is a dollar in it, and everyone else can fuck themselves as far as they are concerned.

    What we really need is a world encompassing government that's promoted by a bunch of hypocritical American salesmen who have a channel from god ,and even have a token black skinned person amongst them ,who appear to sit on the fence and tell the people of the world that reports are coming in from the media that disastrous man created pollutions are going to kill the planet and god is "going to ruin those ruining the Earth"

    Oh shit ,that's right I was once a member of the Watchtower Society that sits on the fence! watching and throwing shit at anything that moves .So if mankind does bad ,throw shit at it ,but if mankind does something good and beneficial still throw shit at it because that's Satan tricking the world!

    I think it's nice sitting here on the wall without the WTS and not making a personal mess in my tiny bit of the planet ,which I think is all our responsibilty to do ,I've got 8 lovely grand kids who I hope will have a good future.

  • MeanMrMustard
    Welcome to the Watchtower 2.0

    5 posts in! Morph’s Law.

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