They would Stone us if the law would allow

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  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    To everyone, If an active JW can look this quote up in their WT Library, then it's the TRUTH ® to them. You know it, I know it, and most importantly, those JW's know it. I have in the past had Circus Overseeums quote from very old publications in Servant meetings to get their points across. So, I wouldn't readily dismiss something from JW land if it is 70 years old. (Unless it is 'censored' from their library, then it never them)

  • Vidiot
    FatFreek2005 - "...he/she was told by the elders that if he/she was living in the days of the Israelites he would be getting stoned to death..."

    I new a couple hardcore authoritarian Dubs like that back in the day.

    Every time I heard it, I'd be inclined to calmly respond...

    ..."Wow. You must really wish we were living back then."

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