BIG news Trump...His lewd conversation leaks.

by James Mixon 97 Replies latest jw friends

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    Most Trump voters are quite happy to hear about his like minded misogeny.

  • scratchme1010

    Just my two cents. I agree with those who say that they don't need that piece of evidence to know who/how that walking vulgarity named Donald Trump is. I don't either.

    However, even though his popularity hasn't grown a lot compared to that of other candidates, it is still growing. There are people out there, undecided, entertaining the idea of voting for that aberration, some even looking for an excuse to do so, and the reasons that they give are just insane.

    As "bad" as they say she is and as imperfect as I believe Hillary Clinton is, I really have to look at who can better lead the country. I love the idea of libertarianism, but unfortunately the choice for that is a clown, not to mention the educational uphill battle that any alternative has. So that's out of the question. At this point, a vote for Garry Johnson is a waste of vote. To me is about choosing who can really address the challenges in this country, and who can work to unify it. That pig named Donald Trump is definitely not the person to accomplish any of it.

    What I find really sad and frightening is the rather large amounts of Americans who entertain and are sold on that POS named Donald Trump. It's more alarming to me to see that many people willing to vote for that --it. And the problem, I think, is not the filth that Donald Trump vomits out of his behind when he open his mouth, or what he tries to sell. It's the psychological profile and mentality of the non-politician average American who follows that crap.

    Case in point, those who are not aware, look at this article:

    This is the real issue that America is facing. That's what I believe needs to be addressed. How do you start dealing with people like that nut job? There are way too many people like her here, and that has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or any other politician for that matter.

    As for me, for as long as every time something that Donald Trump (I ran out of disgusting ways of describing that thing) says something stupid and there's an avalanche of surrogates explaining what he says and trying to divert it to "Hillary said this! She did that!", I'm not taking that candidate seriously.

    I feel sorry for true republicans and conservatives, in a way, for having that thing representing them, but at the same time, the Republican party has to look into itself and get their effing act together. That's what you get for the infighting; that's what you get when you become the party of no; that's what you get when you become an "anything but Obama". They earned Donald Trump.

  • A Ha
    A Ha

    Pence is abhorrent. He was one of the leaders of the government shutdown, which cost billions of dollars--a tantrum because they lost the ACA vote. He signed a law requiring women to hold funerals for aborted fetuses. He's a science/evolution/climate denier who says smoking isn't harmful.

    More Drumpf Twitter lols.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I'am not as bad as B. Clinton, what the hell is he saying. I'am not as a bigger pervert as Bill....Why does he continue to bring up Bill, he is not on the ticket.....

  • StarryNight9
    I doubt the people claiming Trump's comments are no big deal would be okay with Hilary saying she can grab a guy's penis and do what she wants... because she's a celebrity. Are they just too invested in Trump at this point to say "oops, we made a mistake"? All other politics aside, do we want a leader who thinks they're entitled to sexually assaulting people? This is in a whole different league than an affair between consenting adults.
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    If all these accusation are true or even 50% true we do not want this guy in charge of the countries military as commander and chief and get us into wars brought on by his ego mania. He's another Hitler waiting to prey on the ignorant self absorbed masses. Vote for Hilary instead of this clown.

  • Vidiot
    James Mixon - "You folks in the UK, Canada and other countries what are your countrymen saying about our candidates?"

    "Please, for the love of God, don't put the raging asshole in charge!"

  • NotNew

    No one who matters cares what he said? Cast your vote then cry or rejoice after!

  • NotNew
  • jws

    For the most part, Trump does not have the female vote.

    He does have a HUGE percentage of the uneducated white male vote. And I'd guess there's some chauvinism in that group.

    Pence will stay it because IMO, Trump has a good chance of being impeached. Making Pence president. Of course he's in it.

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