How many JWs actually died in Nazi camps

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  • Diogenesister
    Phizzy here I smell the whiff of JW propaganda and dissembling is in the WT/JW Org saying that the reason many of the surviving JW's left the Org in the years after gaining freedom was that they "succumbed to materialism".

    Dear God I cannot believe the Watchtower had the audacity to print that!

    Those of you who think we are over-reacting to Watchtower's untrustworthy nephariousness just meditate on the sentence above...their acusation that jw concentration camp survivors left the org after "succumbing to materialism".

    Orphan Crow as always thank you for your well researched contribution to the thread.

    And just to finish mad Irishman many contributors to this forum are extremely well educated.

  • Room 215
    Room 215
    I wonder just how many of the numbers of the prisoners counted as JWs in the camps were actually Russelite Bible Student defectors from the Rutherfordite WT organization; it's unlikely that their Nazi captors would recognize the distinction.

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