How many JWs actually died in Nazi camps

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    If you want to read more on felderer's research and why and how he came to his conclusions

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    Dr. Detlef Garbe wrote a standard work about this subject.

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    Agree with Simon's post on page 1 of this thread.

    I'm sure he's there or thereabouts.

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    Federer is filled with so much hate and anti-Semitic diatribes that it was difficult to get past it to any alleged facts about Anne Frank. He went off on subjects to prove his point without that particular point having any intrinsic value-for example, one diary book or a bunch of them that compromised her diary? Kind of immaterial. If he could have left off his remarks about the characters of Jewish people or his speculations about their intentions, then he might possibly have made a point. Maybe. It makes me wonder at his character and writing ability altogether, and further calls into question the veracity of any WT researches done. This man was so hate filled towards the Frank's and Jews that I was sitting there in open mouthed astonishment that he is considered an expert in anything.

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    This topic is stupid. There were Jews who betrayed Jews in concentration camps and acted as Copos. So what does that have to do with the majority of Jews who were slaughtered? There will always be outliers in any group. Non-JW historians have written numerous accounts about JW's in Nazi concentration camps. There were JW's who were slaughtered in the camps. It's horrible any way you look at it. And to try and spin events with the idea of always trying to put JW's in negative light is the exact sort of thing most of you rile against about them.

    And blaming Rutherford for what Hitler did is really ignorant. I don't think Rutherford wanted to see Jews killed and slaughtered and burned in ovens. Nor could he have foresaw Hitler killing JW's like he did or putting them in camps or cutting their heads off. No one did. But now you all look back and want to rewrite what actually happened when most of you are bias by a strange obsessive hatred, never mind the fact that most of you never went to college, and certainly none of you are un-bias scholars.

    It's rather funny how some of you let your absolute hatred of everything JW let yourself do constant revision of history. It certainly isn't fair or balanced, and the constant drum beat that everything that has ever happened in the history of Jehovah's Witness is a lie would seem to negate your ability to comment on almost anything. These posts are always full of vitriolic hatred. How anyone could take them seriously is beyond me. It is akin to sports fans of one team talking about their rivals and how terrible and rotten and evil they are and everything they do is nefarious. Objectivity here is usually in short supply.

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    I think this is one of the lessons of history.

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke.

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    I have no desire to diminish the evil horror that went on in Nazi Germany, and I would guess accurate figures are impossible.

    Let us not forget too those who survived the camps, but were scarred for life.

    Where I smell the whiff of JW propaganda and dissembling is in the WT/JW Org saying that the reason many of the surviving JW's left the Org in the years after gaining freedom was that they "succumbed to materialism".

    I suspect they left because they felt the Org had changed, once again, and that it had let them down in a number of ways.

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    the reason many of the surviving JW's left the Org in the years after gaining freedom was that they "succumbed to materialism"

    Phizzy, good observations, having survived the deprivation, hunger, mistreatment was an accomplishment to be proud of, what anticlimactic denouement to be greeted , after leaving the barbed wire, by an organisation that now encouraged you, in order for you to be newly accepted, to pioneer, perhaps living again on 1200 calories p/d, sans protein, you were so glad to be alive again, clean again, fed again, warm again, and here wt demanded to put "spiritual" things first. The human body does not work like that. materialism my foot. The executed witnesses were true martyrs. Maneuvering of the wt, nazis, will take nothing away from those glorious acts.

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    Felderer appears to be a Holocaust Denier.

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