What Is The Watchtower's Biggest Problem?

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  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro
    Member apathy is their single biggest problem. People may still come to meetings, but less regular and really not enthusiastic. Apathy causes donations to dip. The crazy thing is that instead of trying to make changes and figure out what is causing the apathy, they do more of the same (guilt).
  • dugout
    I don't know if this was said or not but the biggest issue is TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    they are gods one true religion

    only snag is--------what god ?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    AFAIK, the biggest problem for the WT may be the lawsuits of victims of paedo-brothers.

    The WT will lose any credibility it once had, and it will lose millions and millions of dollars. This may be repeated for a while to come.

    And the WT deserves it.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I would say too that the Borg's biggest downfall would be ''Evolution''. With 'evolution' to be proven 100% correct, everything within the Watchtower Kingdom comes crashing down.
  • pepperheart
    lack of money
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''lack of money''

    You could say that too. All the guilt-tripping videos about money, ''send us your valuable things''!!

    Cash flow, likely with all the ''guilting'' per se. Asset wise, not so much. Probably see more ''fire sales'' down the road.

  • Truthexplorer
    As an organisation, they are unwilling to accept constructive criticism. They will not listen to reasonable feedback that can help the organisation to move forward and have created an atmosphere of fear as a result of this. Disfellowshipping and shunning anyone who dares to do so! They have deluded themselves into thinking this is the way it has always been and should not be changed.. ie we are the GB ( Gods channel of communication). We are right! We are not to be questioned....no matter what!! That is 'part' of their problem.
  • Tornintwo

    After the internet I would say their biggest problem is.....elders

    a group of largely uneducated men given positions of power over people's lives,a recipe for disaster. Nepotism, cliques, judgementalism, power trips, egos, cover ups for those in the hierarchy, double standards.....these men are what start to open people's eyes to the truth about this religion, 'appointed by Holy Spirit', my ass!

  • Makemeanunbeliever

    You guys are hilarious. You have no idea about business/religion infrastructure. Once an entity gains momentum it then becomes its own entity through momentum. The org has plenty of momentum to last another 100 years plus.

    Yes it has problems, doesn't every person, business or religion. With the recent downsizing, restructuring and tightening up on spending they secure themselves for battles to come. Get used to it. The org is not going anywhere.

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