What Is The Watchtower's Biggest Problem?

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    You guys are hilarious - and you are consistently unfunny and irritating, the internet's equivalent of a visible pantie line.

    Yes it has problems - quite possibly the biggest understatement I've read on JWN.

    Let's do a quick re-cap:

    1. In a life or death situation, jw.org would rather see children die than take blood.

    2. Whilst overseeing strict controls on what its members can or cannot consensually do in private, WT brushes under the carpet child abuse scandals that compare to the scandals of the catholic church.

    3. Whilst implying, if not saying outright, that higher education is wrong, the WT's GB have complete financial security, even as JW rank n file struggle to earn money as window-cleaners or janitors.

    The World 3, WT 0.

    I guess you apologists for religious freaks are just gonna have to get used to it ... 'the world' ain't going nowhere ...

  • jookbeard

    "yes it has its problems" LOL

    I think we expect a bit more from an organizational exclusively selected by god to to dispense so called truths to the billions living on Earth and who is allegedly imparting holy spirit to this group, instead we see a dangerous high control group whose claim to fame is a history of failed prophecies, embroiled in a horrendous child abuse cover up policy which gets worse and worse, my endearing image of this group is a sickening dirty seedy bunch of misfits and losers.

    "we have no idea about business/religious infrastructure"

    the amount of ex elders, bethelites,special pioneers, circuit and district overseers and of course ex GB member Ray Franz have given us a very special insight into how the infrastructure of of a religious organization such as the WTS , is it any wonder how new light is suddenly adopted when dissenters expose the general stupidity of a vast amount of their doctrines , look what has been dropped by them over the years, and look at the amount of information that is leaked, a rather patronizing comment in all honesty.

  • MarkofCane

    Oh and of coarse we are their biggest problem. "The conscientious class"

  • MarkofCane

    You guys are hilarious. You have no idea about business/religion infrastructure. Once an entity gains momentum it then becomes its own entity through momentum. The org has plenty of momentum to last another 100 years plus.

    Yes it has problems, doesn't every person, business or religion. With the recent downsizing, restructuring and tightening up on spending they secure themselves for battles to come. Get used to it. The org is not going anywhere.

    MMAUBI agree with your assessment on the Org., It is responding like a business, restructuring , downsizing and lower its operating cost. That's exactly the problem with the organization its acting like every other religion and business, why would you devote your mind and life to man made business? It uses religious mandates to control you but at the end of the day still a business. I would expect a lot more from Gods true organization on earth, don't you agree? Its seems like its all about money at this point and how did Jesus treat the business men at the Temple?MC

  • Heaven

    Their biggest problem is with their foundational belief that they are God's Chosen.

    All their crap flows from this. You take away that belief and they are no more special than any other religous nutbag organization.

  • sparky1

    You have no idea about business/religion infrastructure. Once an entity gains momentum it then becomes its own entity through momentum.- Makemeanunbeliever

    Watchtower, the Sears Roebuck of the religious world!

  • TD
  • SAHS

    “sherrie11”: “What is the most recent cult to appear since the seventies?


    Yikes, that’s quite a list! And that’s just since the 70s. It sure goes to emphasize the old saying: “There is a sucker born every minute.” . . . . And, how!

  • pepperheart

    lack of money

  • Stirred

    The Internet.

    Culture of Narcissim and Apathy Disguised as Genuine Brotherly Love.

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