Secret Societies involved at the very top of the Org

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  • Formerbrother

    Are all the GB members past and present, part of Skulls and Bones and other masonic secret societies? We know the first few top brass were, like Br Rutherford and Br Russel.

    They all have several expensive watches. Like literally more than one for everyday of the week, Rolex and Omega, where did they come from? The answer is shocking..... Donated in the Will of brother who died and left everything to the Org.

    There is a department in each Branch who handles 'goods' donated in a will whe somebody dies. All the best stuff gets first dibs by the top brass.

    Then there is the signet rings worn by each member of the GB. Look at them in all the videos, all displaying their watches and their rings.

    These secret societies are always run by one the demons, there are several competing secret societies around the world

  • Formerbrother

    All these rings have deep meaning in the secret societies

  • Onager

    I think all that bling is explained by the GB having access to all the donations from the JW community. No need for secret societies, just normal human greed.

  • TD

    For crying out loud.....

  • Drearyweather

    "That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence" - Christopher Hitchens

  • sir82

    These secret societies are always run by one the demons

    Ooh, those must be some fun board meetings.

    "I find your lack of faith.....disturbing".

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Iy iy iy . . . This is no evidence at all that any GB members are secret society members besides their own, (the faithful and discreet slave). If you're referring to things like the Pyramid or cross and crown, the former was a theory postulated by others and endorsed by Russell, but not originated by him. The latter is a symbol that merely signifies JC's kingship and is even now used by a number of denominations. If you're talking about Russell being a Mason, no he wasn't but even if he was so what? The idea that Mason's are some illuminati type NWO shadow organization is long and easily debunked. There are plenty of LEGITIMATE criticisms that can be levied against the JW organization, so it's best to stick to that. Anything else plays into the JW stereotype that 'apostates' are 'mentally diseased'.

  • Gorbatchov

    Simple, there is a jewelry donation desk at Warwick. For real! Check the recent watchtower telephone index provided somewhere here

  • eyeuse2badub

    Me thinks that formerbrother was a jw way too long! Paranoia has set in!

    just saying!

  • vienne

    That Russell was a Mason had been disproved many times and long ago. Rutherford was not a Mason either. The OP premise is false, based on imagination and not facts. But some people will be silly no matter what others say or do.

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