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  • JesusFreak88

    For real

  • tinkerbell82

    yeah and the book i'm reading about cleopatra is historically accurate too, but it's still historical FICTION.

    does he still think we're pro-JW?? I'm getting confused here...

  • Sargon
    the ultimate proof of Jesus's deity was his own ressurection from the dead. The Bible is historically accurate about the ressurection of Christ as other various historians have shown.

    Please expand on this and 'enlighten' me.

  • integ

    Jesus Freak,

    The only true religion (Jehovah's Witnesses) recieve divine direction on all matters directly from Jehovah God Himself. This direction is given to a group of Special Men, who have been specially selected by God to join Him in heaven at the conclusion of their earthly course. These special men merely transcribe to printed page what Jehovah God tells them to write. This divine instruction can only be found through the magazines called the Watchtower and Awake, and other publications distributed by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. These are the only avenues Jehovah God is using to communicate with humans today. If you do not accept this as truth, and mind you, you have been told now, you will be destroyed in the great day of God the Almighty, armageddon. I would suggest finding the nearest Kingdom Hall and request a bible study immediately. You life IS at stake.


  • amac

    JesusFreak -

    It is a well documented fact, that Jesus existed. Joesphous recorded many things about jesus, also it is a historical fact that Jesus Christ was crucified. The roman govaner titus, made mentoin of him and his trial in the roman records.

    Just because Jesus existed does not make the bible inspired by the one and only true god. How do you ABSOLUTELY KNOW that the bible is from God.

    Just because John Smith was real does not make the Book of Mormon inspired.

    it is also an irifutable statement, to say that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Because had he not rose from the dead, then the cheif preists and teachers of the law, and jewish government would surely have produced his body to squash the would have been cult with the truth.
    Actually, it is quite refutable. How do you know his followers didn't just steal his body? If it is irrefutable, don't you think all the Jews would have caught on by now and converted to Christianity?
  • DJ

    Hi Jesus freak88,

    Welcome to the board. This is an X jw board! The previous posters have had a field day with you! You ought to laugh now when you look back at the posts! I haven't been around much lately and today popped in for a look and this thread is amusing. I am a Christian will find a very wide variety of opinions about religions here. We are united because of our experiences as jw's but are no longer jw's. We are what they call "apostates". Thanks for the laugh today. I agree with what you wrote as a Christian. When I realized that Jesus raised Himself from the dead, I was floored. You know, when He spoke of raising the temple....I can't remeber what verse it is don't have all of my little verses memorized and ready for recital anymore like i did as a jw. John, I think?. Anyway, welcome and keep in mind that this is not a Christian site or a jw site...but an xjw site. Love, dj

  • Ravyn

    it is not a well established fact that jesus existed. do some research on 'josephus' claims' and you will find out that they still cannot agree that josephus is the one who wrote the one-liner about jesus since it is not his style and there are no other references to back it up. there is also no proof that the apostles existed. however there is much proof that the idea of a god-man born to a virgin in a manger with animals watching and angels singing, who was baptized in water, performed miracles, had a last supper with twelve of his students and was crucified and resurrected was in existence for thousands of years before xtianity hijacked the myth. do a websearch on Mithras. see my post from a couple of days ago about Ass-Worshipping Hebrews. If you want to be a xtian, fine. but dont condemn JWs for believing in a different brand of xtianity than you do. if you want to make a good defense you need to know everything there is to know about your religion, including the stuff that is difficult to accept.


  • Sargon

    I find that everyone has 'blinders' on when dealing with 'proof' of their faith. We more readily accept so-called facts that support our beleifs than ones that run contrary to it. This is even true of Frisbeeterians like myself.

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim


    That was a cool post. Please carry on!

  • badolputtytat
    I am wondering where they get the authority to originally say that they are right.

    Authority cannot be "claimed".... only given. When the WTBS began... people were then willing to be lead. Those who chose to be lead... are subject to deception.

    Dont be a follower Jesusfreak.

    The Bible is historically accurate about the ressurection of Christ as other various historians have shown.

    You will please, thees, to es-plain.?????

    Welcome to the board

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