Question to all JW

by JesusFreak88 47 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • JesusFreak88

    I ain't look'in for threats I just want answers

  • JesusFreak88

    I've given you what you need draw your own conclusion

  • JesusFreak88

    I also am a christian, I came on to expose the watch tower for the hoax that it is.

  • Satanus
    I've given you what you need draw your own conclusion

    Well, i for one appreciate that. I can see now that the wt really is a hoax SS

  • Loris
    I also am a christian, I came on to expose the watch tower for the hoax that it is

    That is soooooooooooooooooo thoughtful darlin. Are you really 15 years old? Such conviction at such a tender age. Those guys are just messing with your head. We all know from personal experience that the WT is a hoax of the worst kind. That is why we are here. Welcome to the board. Stick around you just may be a valuable family member here. Loris

  • integ

    ...and one more thing, the time IS short. So Jesus Freak, put down the Michael W. Smith cd's, and pick up a Kingdom Melody, because if you do not align yourself with God's chosen people...Jehovah's Witnesses, then you will be destroyed. True, those of the great crowd of Jehovah's people have erroneously and impetuously speculated as to when this system of things would end, to their peril, but those of the Governing Body (chosen ones) have NEVER done this. They have faithfully adhered to the Bible counsel to "Keep on the watch, for you do not know when the Lord's day will arrive". But, Jehovah has spoken to these Chosen Ones through dreams and during quiet meditation, and admittedly, after furious masturbation sessions, and given to these Ones secret information as to when the Lord will indeed arrive. The manipulation of their genitals not withstanding, these Chosen Ones of the Governing Body, continue to admonish us in the correct course of action to take in ANY given to bathe, how to dress, what movies to watch, what kind of intercourse to engage in with our spouse, the particular brand of vibrating butt plug's that are appropriate for a Christian, etc. You do well to heed the 'masters' voice dear JF. I will do you a favor and study the Bible with you for 20 dollars a session, only we won't study the "Bible" per se, but one of the books that Jehovah wrote such as "Millions now living will never die". Does that sound good?



    Jesusfreak88: know that this forum is not the 'official' JW website eh?

    We're all, for the most part, ex-JWs, apostates.

    I think your questions would be fun if you directed them to the lovely folks in Brooklyn, NY., USA. <--- go have some theocratic fun with them.

    Make them shiver and shake.

  • JesusFreak88

    Thank you

  • LDH

    Integ and Sargon, I am doubled over in laughter. Thanks.

    Don't worry one day the watchtower will make the ancient scriptures obsolete and we'll need rely only on their literature for spritual inspiration.

    If you don't think this day has already come, JWs, try this little experiment. For the next month, as you go out in field service, take nothing except your bible.

    Remember, nothing should be added to or taken away from.

    See how long this lasts before you are lucky enough to receive a "Shepherding Call."


  • Nosferatu
    what makes the watch tower organization the authority of the scriptures?

    They were "right" about 1914. It doesn't matter if they were wrong about the generation of 1914, 1975, and all the other stupid predictions. THEY WERE RIGHT ABOUT ONE DATE!!! One date is all that matters. It doesn't even matter that the arrival of the date of 1914 is incorrect. It's just the right date. That's all that matters! They must be inspired if they got one date right. That excuses all the wrong dates. Oh yeah, Millions now living will never die. Jehovah delivered that message in the 1920s. He is the one true God!

    So, don't question the WT. They're right about everything, even when they're wrong. New light shines brighter than old light. That's all you need to know. Now, go sell some Watchtowers & Awakes like a good little dub. The society needs the dough to cover all the lawsuits being filed.

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